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  • Yo! Thanks for taking the time out to send me a message man. I really appreciate the insight, and the wisdom. I'll keep that in mind, I think for me to really get used to taking those losses, I should start playing outside more. I'm a bedroom warrior and it's nerve wrecking although I look calm from the outside.
    I'll keep going at it man, I can't stop if I wanted to. I just want to get used to being a live player.
    Thanks a lot dude, I really appreciate it! Once we all have our passports we'd love to get down to the states! Michigan is pretty close too :yesway:
    haha word, you can check out our EP here

    so opposite of everything around us listn.to/deathstate
    I prefer Mile High Skates bearings. They are incredible durable, and if you order the wheels from MHS (Milehighskates.com) you get bearings and spacers for FREE. Best damn deal out there!
    Very nice, if I may suggest Independent 215's for the trucks. I am told it Indies are the best way to ride an Earthwing. Plus you won't have to worry about wheel bite.
    Fair, I tend to include post-editing in my fee (though if it is extensive editing charge more) and then add on travel expenses.
    Either contact the venue, promoters, someone at the label or the band themselves. Interviews and whatnot I've got before have either been from talking to he musicians on facebook or whatever, or finding an email of someone who works at their label. You can normally find those on their websites.
    Maximise your online presence; get your work up on places like devianart, flickr etc and make networking pages on places like MySpace, Facebook and even Twitter. Myspace and Facebook in particular are good for connecting with bands. Stick some work up there, make sure its as high wuality as possible. Having a reputation helps too, so try and get photopasses for gigs with decent lineups. If people see you've photographed some well known bands they'll take you more seriously. Whats your fee at the moment?
    Wow, thanks man :) Glad you like it. We're pretty excited to get our new stuff out there.
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