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Jan 6, 2015
Nov 20, 2011
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The Deep web.

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7string Ghost, from The Deep web.

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Jan 6, 2015
    1. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      Good to hear you are doing that. Must be very interesting. I moved about 2 years ago up to NakaMeguro and working at an international school teaching music. Will have to pass on the concert. My band are organising a concert for Oct and we don't know which day it will be yet. I'll definitely be at the Gorguts and Krisiun show though.
    2. schecterhellraiserc-7
      I hope I'm keeping chat entertained, there are some cool kids that have joined that you may not have met yet. I hope your new house and pc are great and that your career does fine.
    3. schecterhellraiserc-7
      go on chat man, its boring without you
    4. The Reverend
      The Reverend
      It's good to see you back from your ban!
    5. technomancer
      Please stop posting messages to spam accounts you report
    6. Iamasingularity
      Guys my mac went bust (again) all of the sudden. I`ll try to get it fixed. Toodles till then! :fever:
    7. The Grief Hole
    8. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      Yeah. Might be boxing though. Slip It through the box if I am.
    9. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      Hey dude.

      Hope you are well. Just wondering if you could get my corrupted CD back to me. Got to do a review for the website so I need the physical copy.
    10. ZEBOV
      You left the chat right before I came back from smoking a bowl.
    11. ZEBOV
      Estimated build time is 8 weeks.
      I forgot to mention that the headstock will be an Icon headstock. It's just a cooler headstock than the regular LB/XB headstock.
    12. ZEBOV
      I ordered my Carvin XB76.
      swamp ash body
      claro walnut top
      5 piece maple neck with 2 walnut stripes
      rosewood fret board
      no inlays
      jumbo stainless steel frets
      claro walnut headstock
      satin finish
      dual humbuckers (the big humbuckers)
      rosewood knobs
      black hardware
      white logo
      black trussrod cover with my first and last name engraved on it.
    13. DDDorian

      I don't think there's any way to report accounts directly, but you can reports spam posts (or any other kind of post) by hitting the little white button with the exclamation mark that sits under a poster's avatar/details, next to their post. We get tons of 'em every day and will nail 'em whenever we can, but every report helps.


    14. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      One of the perils of living in Japan. Its not like we havent felt bigger.
    15. murakami
      thank you for posting all those scans :) ~ i know it takes a lot of time and effort to do that so i really wanted to say my appreciation and thanks.

      seriously; thats really awesome of you.
    16. The Grief Hole
      The Grief Hole
      Cheers dude. Already got my copy, lusted over it and binned it though.
    17. Murmel
      Ah, good call. Didn't think about that :yesway:
    18. Murmel
      You can add several pictures to one post instead of making new ones in the ESP thread. Would make it much easier to read.
    19. ZEBOV
      I like it when people get beat down by the long cock of the law.
    20. ZEBOV
      I just found bacon in my belly button... well, it looks like bacon.
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    The Deep web.
    Primary Seven:
    Ibanez 7620 Royal Blue
    Main Rig:
    PodX3pro->Roland St.
    Real Name:
    Lost Empathy (Project)
    Primary ERG:
    Hellraiser C-7
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez 7620 Royal Blue
    Hellraiser C-7 (1gen/BK): Thanks Tom
    Other Guitars:
    Ibanez 370DX (BK/2009)
    Yamaha MB-40 (BR)
    Maison H22 (BK)
    Yamaha C-40 (BR/2008)
    Takamine GT-150 (BR/1977)
    Shamisen 13 (BR/1961)
    Ibanez TR400 (PP/1992)
    Ibanez RGRT47DX (GR/2002)
    Burny SG (CR/1980*)
    Roland Street (BK)
    Effects & Pedals:
    Ibanez TS-808
    Bass POD PRO (BK)
    POD X3 PRO (RD)
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Roland Cakewalk (Monitors)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Shure SM-57
    Ez Drummer/Drumkit from Hell (Thanks Tom)
    Logic 9
    Guitar rig 4.
    Cubase 5.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Real prog fan, like to support promising artists and spread the word.

    Crafting, DIY, Retro-games, Vinyl, Photography/Painting, Prog.


    Grand Moff Tim: "Sometimes when you want some ass, you have to eat some fake lashes. That's just life man.

    Red Seas Fire: "When it doubt, downpick everything."