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  • well, any guitar should be set up professionally right after you get it, especially an Agile, as they tend to have pretty crappy fret jobs

    So, go get it set up
    It's a good idea to buy it, as it'll make controlling the amp easier. And that's a new one hahaha
    Exactly. But also get the FBV MkII Express foot controller. That'll let you switch between the channels and give you a wah and volume pedal
    All the spider models have to same amount of Gain. And I'm not gonna be getting an 8 for a while. I'm overhauling my current guitars and getting another 7 first.
    Well, the 30 watt version adds another $90 to the price, so if you're just jamming in your bedroom, maybe with some friends, the 15 watt version will be fine. Up to you though. But yeah, definitely go for the Line 6 over the Peavey. For a small modelling amp, anyway.
    Nice! I expect an NGD thread soon! As for the amp, I suggest a Line 6 Spider IV 30 watt. And get a FBV MkII Express controller to go with it.
    hey guys im getting an 8 string for my birthday and i was wondering where i can get a 8 string guitar tuner. if anyone knows of a tuner that will tune 8s will you let me know please/
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