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Jul 8, 2019
Mar 17, 2007
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Jun 27, 1984 (Age: 37)

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HumanFuseBen Regular, 37, from Tennessee

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Jul 8, 2019
    1. Guamskyy
      Gotcha dude!

      Actually I think the guitar will be a beat up Ibanez Prestige, so it would be a bolt-on. What do your prices start at if I may ask?
    2. Guamskyy
      Hey man!

      In your experience, is swirling a neck through guitar possible without it being too big of a PITA? Next guitar I'm looking at only comes in plain ol' black but is a neck through guitar.

      Thanks dude!
    3. OmegaSlayer
      Yo uncle Ben, can you please write down the sandpaper and sponge you use to remove the gloss coating from the guitar necks in your vid?
      Thanks a lot :D
    4. amarchand
      pm'd you. posted it hered by accident.. sorry!
    5. tripguitar
      Yo! lovin the "this is why you suck" videos. Here's some ideas wanted to throw your way, that I think would be well received:

      This is why you suck at:
      Alternate Picking
      Economy Picking
      String Skipping
    6. unadventurer
      Hey man, I'm looking at one of your swirl jobs locally today in San Diego. Its a disassembled Ibanez 1527. I may trade it for a Gibson SG Faded. It may have not even been put back together after you swirled it! No case though :( Anyways I attached some pics. Figured you might get a kick out of how it's been changing hands...
      imgur: the simple image sharer
      imgur: the simple image sharer

    7. WFD
      would you mind to link me with a video of you playing some leads with the liquifire? i have one air norton in my s7320 and recently got an evolution. but im still thinking the air norton misses something.
    8. WFD
      hey man, which pickup is in the neck of your natural finish 7 string ibanez guitar together with that duncan custom 7 ?
    9. nojyeloot
    10. D1nkum
      DUde, I listened to your soundcloud.

      Just wanted to give you props. your stuff is absolutely killer!
    11. nojyeloot
      Amazing Turkish art technique called Ebru. Floating dyes or paint on water. - YouTube
    12. Empryrean
      Hello Ben, I was curious about what kind of colors you are able to swirl, and how much you charge to perform the task. I like your swirls a lot sir! :metal:
    13. HumanFuseBen
      oh! awesome, thanks so much! this has further solidified the fact that i must have these PUPs.
    14. Despised_0515
    15. ROAR
      Tis cool dude. Good set! And always great to mee another SS member!
    16. ROAR
      Yo Ben. Tomorrow. Friday. I'm gonna see you. And I hope you enjoy it.
    17. Sofos
      hey man im getting a new laptop soon. is it even possible to swirl the top of it? or would that kill the whole damn thing? also, i'm prly gonna want my ltd fm 408 swirled. how much u run? thinking black and just a tad lighter grey. give it a cloudy look. in matte.
    18. ROAR
      I'll make sure to bring my AxeFx so you can swirl something.
    19. ROAR
      Mos def man!
      I imagine anyone with a swirled guitar won't be hard to find!
    20. pstol
      Hey man I was curious as to what you charge for your swirl paint jobs and what all the process would entail? Sorry for bothering you if this isn't something you do outside of rare cases. All of your guitars that I've seen look amazing though :)
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    Jun 27, 1984 (Age: 37)
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