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  • Hi do you have some clips of the rga7 with the sentius/pegasus set? I was considering the same and O found your post here :)
    Hey man, do you still have the Bogner OS 212 cab? Does it have the casters? I'm interested. Thanks!
    Wow, thank you! That theme was perfect for me, because that's what I do to make my money.

    That said... I'm a slow worker and in no way did that final mix sound good to me! :lol:

    Yours sounds awesome too, dude. :yesway:
    Yep, the 6/8->3/4 best musical idea I had in this contest, which by the way was really a nice competition to be part of! Something different if you know what I mean.
    Hiya dude, I'm listening to your composition and didn't think it was that bad at all.

    And that snare you've got is *nomnom*! (You seem to be one of the few getting really awesome results with SD2.0)

    Cheers, enjoyed the listen!
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