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  • Yeah, I have tabs for 13 Globes and Sourlows, they were actually done by another user here, I just cleaned up Sourlows a bit. I was tabbing out The Endmills and Glumurphonel but I had a hard drive crash :noway:. The tab for 13 Globes. isn't perfect but it's close enough (I didn't revise that one). The songs are pretty simple in terms of melody and structure, but effective in recorded form. If you have guitar pro I can upload them to mediafire for you.
    +1 for Voudou-themed guitars! I have an aluminum hollow-body 6er with a simplified version of Legba's veve attached to the top.
    Thanks to your unnecessary sarcasm and my sudden inability to reply to your nasty post (the thread is closed) now people that will go through that thread will think I'm some kind of motherfucker that wants to steal their money through some scam game or something... well sorry to inform you that I'm NOT!
    You didd't even know what my business plan would be and you simply spat on my face like I'm a piece of shit...
    Why man? Do we know each other? Last time I checked we weren't... so WTF!
    Im thinking 7 string headless 34-37". scale length is something I haven't put a whole lot of thought into just yet but I know I want something pretty long for the bass side to get down to E. I thought about maybe going all fifths to save an extra string but I'm too stubborn to move out of standard tuning, and I've got a lot of material in standard so it makes more sense to go the 7.
    Tom said he's keen on doin a custom bass for me, I'm just waiting hear back from him about doing a burl top for it. If you still haven't sold it by next week I'll be happy to take it off your hands when I get paid :)
    I'm definitely interested, have to hit Tom up about making me a bass in the next build cycle after the current one. Hopefully he won't mind it sitting around his workspace for six months haha!

    Man ebony would be awesome for a body, imagine the sustain :) you might need a back brace after a while though...
    Ohhh I thought yours might have been the nine string I saw on his Facebook a while ago. Just trying to figure out who elses builds are almost finished cause mine will be last done out of the last cycle.

    Did you end up finding anyone for the other half of that burl?
    Thanks. I'm definitely sticking with the added low; whether or not it's G# or F# though is up in the air. I like keeping the rest of the strings down a step like a bass, so probably F#.
    Hey do you happen to know the gauges you're using on your 10 off-hand? I lost the paper with the ones that I used to use and I'm looking to make a new set.
    "Dude, you should just order a custom from him. His build times are like 4 months."


    If I get mine before you, you won't need to kill me, I'll feel so angry for you I'll do it myself :lol:
    Yeah I actually emailed Tom asking if the warranty was transferable and he said it was :D

    And yeah other Tom is awesome, it seems like he's a vault for kickass gear at crazy prices.
    Damn thats intense. And yeah it always sucks losing money on things but thats the nature of things I guess, but when you think about it sometimes its not sooo bad. Like if you sold an 1100 dollar guitar for 800 but got 4 years of play out of it thats not too much cost per year to eat right?
    I'll put it to you this way, I use the other strings more, but it's still more useful than A4 to me. I play it, but it's not always easy to integrate into everything. But it sees more attention than A4, definitely.
    Eh, you might think it would get in the way but it's really not that noticeable to me. The difference is only slight, so it doesn't bother me.
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