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    Is it time to get new tubes?

    After about an hour seems fine. We have had some storms today so hope that might be it. OK for now..
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    Is it time to get new tubes?

    Tonight my amp went a bit bizerk. Mesa four channel amp decided to auto switch channels 3&4, but on the amp both channels were lit. The foot switch took a moment to get things right. I unplugged the foot switch, plugged back in and seems to be working. I check the back and this picture is what I...
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    Mesa Tubes
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    NGD: Ibanez RG7421 '00 model

    No idea. This one was MIJ and the new ones are made in Indonisia and I hear the are very different. I don't recall if the 7321 was ever MIJ.
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    NGD: Ibanez RG7421 '00 model

    Dimarzio Evo in the bridge. I have to take the neck pup out to see what it is. The seller didn't know.
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    New Here!

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    New here from UK!

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    NGD: Ibanez RG7421 '00 model

    First time playing the 7421 series, I have to say the neck is awsome. This one is in particularly great shape aside from a few nice gashes on the back. At some point the pickups were swapped. Going to be a good one to hold on to for a long time.
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    NGD: RG7620

    All the added comments are very welcome! I have the top of the guitar stripped. I basically f^$%ed the small piece between the pickups. I'll have to fix it. This is going to take longer than I surprise there. I still plan on doing a silver burst with matching headstock, adding SD...
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    NGD: RG7620

    Ha. The prices these days people are making a nice profit. But as rare as they are I'm keeping it. Might be left to someone in the Will.
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    NGD: RG7620

    Have had a few. The one I have now was signed and I sold the other BG a few years ago. Still looking for a replacement. It is my favorite guitar!
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    NGD: RG7620

    Oddly enough, I had to swap out the trem springs and ended up putting another tiny ding in it with the pliers. Barely slipped out of my hand.

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