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  • You know what your close enough we could actually sort of meet up :lol: (saw you post in the who you would like to meet most on the forum) I never told you but when you got the arz7 from sam ash I was actually going to get it that day when I saw your NGD :squint::squint::squint: :lol:
    I have a few more songs written,but I don't have anything recorded yet. I'm auditioning people at the moment to be my back up band. As soon as I can get everything in order, I'm going to record an EP. I'll be sure to let you know when I do. Thanks for the support man. I really love when people get something out of my music. It means a ton!
    That's a great deal. With some tweaking, those AX75**'s are a lot of fun.
    Haha why thank you, to be fair I have never seen one work quite THAT well!

    Its what makes this place so good to visit =P
    Yeah, I wish i knew what i was doing i just do my mediocre soldering skills to fix joints or mod my EMGs for the 18v mod. I'll probably never attempt to reverse a mod after what happend with the muff.
    Yeah, I've got a friend that builds pedals. He's modded my big muff and build me a few things. Sadly he has surgery to so he's gonna be out for awhile.
    I'll probably get my guy to build a clone of the fuzz war by death by audio or search high and low for a fz-2. I hear their the cornerstone of doom.
    I love me some Om. I wanna start a band like that but i broke my muff :( so i gotta get it fixed then i can start playing bass through my head into that cab.
    Hmm alright. I'll let you know whatever tuning I'm in a week or two before we meet. I change tunings like crazy
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