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  • I'm pretty easy going. It takes a lot for me to be genuinely annoyed. That thread got me going which is why I had to back out, however it's difficult if people keep misreading my posts or calling me out on things. It's not a big deal I suppose, because I'm going to do what I do and fuck everyone else, but the problem with using the internet is that it makes me more angry than I normally should be.
    I didn't see that post until after! That said, there is still a lot of moral superiority and generally bad tones in that thread, hence why I was getting pissed off with people. I've done my fair share to promote animal welfare and I've worked in a zoo for a short time, so for people to say that essentially whatever I do doesn't matter because I use animal products, well that pisses me off. Then there is a difference in what people perceive as natural and what we should override with our human sense of morality. It's a very messy subject that doesn't get solved by such silly bickering, all we can do is target specific problems with the industry and try to change them.
    Sweet! I'll warn you though, it's pretty rough, needs a lot more polish. About 80 pages, I believe, and it gets MUCH better about a quarter of the way in, as I'm tearing the hell out of the beginning. I'll send it to ya tomorrow, about to head out the door with some friends for a night on the town.
    Well, thanks! I have a bunch of stuff in rough draft format I could let you read without getting yelled at. (It's all off to US publishers for approval.)
    I write Sci Fi, mainly. Well, that's what the publishers call it. I've written one novel (unpublished) and several short stories published in obscure European magazines.
    It's mostly the members themselves rather than the band, as such. But there's Pagan Front connections, super-nationalism and aryanism and the like present in the band itself on occasion.
    HOLY SHIT! I just saw one of those centipedes up in PA. I had never seen one before, and quite honestly it scared the living piss out of me. I didn't expect to see a pic of it on your profile :lol:
    haha, i was actually listening to potboy today. its such a weird song. it starts off with the aliens smoking up. then it goes into an astronaut in space who is REALLY bored. then it goes into a script of a gang related issue where someone isn't getting the money, then talking about someone acting out of agression and so on...WEIRD! but i like it :)
    YouTube - ‪Lalu-Yesterday Man‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Wolven Eyes by Lalu‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Lalu - Night In Poenari [audio]‬‏
    YouTube - ‪Moonstruck by Lalu‬‏

    go past 8:20 here:
    YouTube - ‪Timestop by Lalu‬‏
    you may find this band interesting. its a prog-metal band out of france. well, its more of a solo project of a synth guy by the name of 'vivien lalu' but this solo album was INCREDIBLE! very refreshing, different, and yet very familiar as well. great vocals, great riffs, solos, drums, bass, etc....its kinda like hearing the old dream theater and symphony x thrown into one. unfortunetly, in my opinion, their best song 'potboy: the final fantasy' is not online (or at least i cant seem to find it). its an 18 minute song that starts off by 2 aliens that are high on weed, but running low, so they need to get to earth for more weed. and then the song just starts and oh! its awesome!
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