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  • Well, it's good that you got the guitar back, everything cool now or are you still like, "What a douche."?

    :rofl: not get banned.

    Did they keep him unbanned, just long enough for you to get the guitar back? Because that's awesome if they did.
    I just sent him a message on myspace saying to send it back and He made no quarrels .... guess he was hoping to not get banned
    hmmmm. ill say its a really brutal and powerful amp, although you have to dial it just right cause it can make everything sound like static. umm, id say keep the highs at a reasonable level, mids not too scooped if you wanna cut through, and lows at a conservative level cause its really bassy. it can get really hissy and sounds bad if you have it through a 4ohm cab and the level cranked past 11oclock on the solo channel. a lot of low wattage speakers cant handle the wattage at 4 ohms. if you use pedals, the clean channel works best. as far as speakers, i havent played it through too many cabs besides my own, which is a 400 watt 16 ohm xxx peavey cab. but id say stick to 16 ohm, high watt cab so the wattage wont kill your tone. i would definitely not use v30's, those might make it sound like all mudd and static if your playing live, but you might be able to use them for recording if keep it at a low level. other than all that, its pretty sick. it makes everything you play feel like you have more chug/power behind it, and you can get pretty disgusting metal tones out of it. i know everyone says this, but think suffocation. well, i hope that helps you man. and dont take my opinion as fact, go mess with it, man.
    Does the thirty have the USB recording thing on the front? If so, how's that?

    I need to save for University (less than 2 years now), a new amp, recording equipment, and since I buy my own food and gas and insurance it's kind of a pain in the ass. It's cool though. All things are possible.
    i've never heard a louder 30w SS amp. it's almost too loud for my needs.

    i was considering selling it to buy a pair of BKP's with the money. but there's other more important things i can buy with the money.
    the AL is alot better than i thought it would be, considering it was $200, same goes with the Vypyr. I haven't tweaked the Vypyr tones yet, i'm just switching through the presets. lol

    but even scrolling through the amp models, with tweaking, these models would be beastly. it's got some really good amps on here. and the cleans are pretty good. but again, i haven't tweaked anything. this is a confusing amp and i haven't read the manuel yet. lol

    and i haven't sold it yet, because either A) i don't know what to buy with the money if i sold it or B) i don't know what i want to trade for it.
    not much. i got an Agile AL-2000, and a Peavey Vypyr 30. but i haven't sold my RG7321 yet. i've been getting some trade offers, but idk if i want another guitar atm.
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