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Aug 25, 2021
    1. Jakke
      It's probably the Guinean mud god, Pikkiwoki, that punishes me for not believing in him:noplease:

      I actually managed to get three assholes today, Freezing Moon, BrianUVsomething and one anonymous neg-repper:lol:
      I even dropped a rep-bar (and that's some serious shit);)
    2. Jakke
      Why do I always get the assholes on this forum? Karma?
    3. schecter4life
      La vie est suck, puis tu meurs
    4. schecter4life
      :'( so im all alone again on ss.org
    5. schecter4life
      What about me...im in KNoxville, TN, that close enough? xD
    6. broj15
      I know what you mean. I'm still living with my parents which isn't a great place to hang out/ jam either.
    7. broj15
      Yeah I'm noticing the same thing. The closest member to me is JosephAOI and he's in louisville. I think a midwester/ corn belt sso meet up would be in order someday
    8. broj15
      2 hours east actually. About 30 minutes north west of louisville, ky. A few kids I went to high school with go to USI so I make it down there every now and then.
    9. Guitarman700
      I deactivated it for a while, I don't have a working pc and things were getting a bit too dramatic for me. I'll be back when I fix my computer.
    10. Faine
      Haha thanks for the counter rep man.
    11. JeffFromMtl
      Alright, thanks man. If things work out soon though, drop me a line, the amp might still be available :yesway:
    12. JeffFromMtl
      Alright, yeah, so it looks like I'm definitely going to have to sell it. Do you expect to know if you'll be getting that job any time soon? I'd like to throw it up on some classifieds as soon as possible if that doesn't pan out.
    13. JeffFromMtl
      Hey man, I may actually be considering parting with the T within the next 3-4 weeks. I'm about to get hit with a pretty huge car repair bill, and I might need to sell some gear to cover it. If there's any chance you've got the cash within that time frame, you've got first dibs.
    14. soliloquy

      more troll stuff here:
    15. Matt-Hatchett
      Hey, man. I finally got my folk project up and running. Here is a link if you're still interested in checking it out. matthewhatchett.bandcamp.com
    16. JeffFromMtl
      Alright man, I don't currently have any plans of getting rid of it, but life can change pretty quickly sometimes, so I'll definitely keep that in mind :yesway:
    17. JeffFromMtl
      Yeah, the Model T and I are getting along great. I was going to use it in studio to record my band's EP, but a few minutes into re-amping, it started giving me some problems, so I unfortunately didn't use it for any of the tracking, instead we used an Orange Rockerverb. I took the Sunn in to my tech and re-tubed the preamp section and replaced the impedance selector and haven't had a problem since. I wish I could have had it on the recordings though. I'm also putting together a lo-fi/ambient/shoegaze project that I'll be using it for bass in, so I'm really excited to see what kind of sounds we can get going for that.

      Speaking of the recordings, I just got the final mix of the EP and we'll be releasing it on disc and online (probably for free or donation) soon, and I'll be posting a thread on here where it'll be available, so if you're interested, keep an eye out for that :yesway:
    18. gunshow86de
      It's basically the same thing, plus the noise/oscillation gizmos. Really fun to mess around with, but not something that would be a "keeper" for me. I imagine it sounds pretty awesome with bass though.
    19. gunshow86de
      I don't know to what T you are referring, but knowing me I probably already sold it. :lol:
    20. Thrashmanzac
      :lol: i just saw it man!
      i have 83cents to my name atm and im paying rent for two places, so there is no way i can afford it haha. plus if i buy this, how am i supposed to justify getting a beast?
      id be happy to trade for my bc beater-of-doom :)
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