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  • It's all cool unless you hog all the heroine. We mainly go into really rocking out, kind of the vein of PJ, but not climbing the walls.

    Yeah, I love languages, so my ideal job would be language related (if my grab for rockstardom fails of course), I could really enjoy a writing job too, but those are rare to come by.
    Shame, although my amp is a bit too cheap to be able to sell to pay for anything really.. Damn you Peavey....
    Hope you get together and do some stuff, we could do an american tour together;)

    Yeah, I've been thinking lately what I want to do, so I'm happy now that I have found something that I want to do and that I might get a job doing:lol:
    So.... They're like a mom?

    We've looked a lot into 90's hard rock (like PJ, AiC and Soundgarden) and 70's rock, so something similar would not be too far-fetched to expect:lol:
    I want to do a language master, and there is a language master with a focus on translation that I'd love to do.
    Pearl Jam is indeed very good, their gig at PinkPop -92 is legendary
    ... Girlfriend... What is that?

    Well, I've pulled together a new band, bought a new guitar, and decided on what master I want to work towards, so it's all good I guess :)

    I've also got heavily into Pearl Jam...
    Haha, thanks for the support in the thread lol. I am pretty sure they all hate me in there. With all of my crazy logic and stuff.
    Hey! I saw where you replied to me in the introduction thread from that other guy who lives in western KY, and thought it'd be way less weird to just respond to you here than to post there and hijack it haha. How's your music-playing going lately dude?
    Hii. :3 Yeah I still use skype. Send me your name either through pms here or on facebook.
    I actually think I'd take the risk to not tell anyone...

    There might be a more terrible christmas, but not many:)
    Kind of like Santa Claus, but instead of presents, you get buttsex.*This is the worst christmas ever*

    Researchers first thought it was caused by the same thing that causes banshees, succubi and aliens, sleep paralysis. But they then discovered that they couldn't find any victims, turns out it's just a myth, and people are spreading it by the means of my uncle's sisters friend's father's brother's son's wife's.

    It has actually been used in elections on Zansibar, politicians could say "vote for me, or the popobawa comes for you!":rofl:
    And these are grown people.
    Heard about him first time today, quite funny actually. Especially considering that being raped probably is a muslim man's worst fear:rofl:
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