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  • Sure man. I'll whip something up for ya. You have Powertab yeah? I'll tab out a few simple licks when I get home tomorrow. :yesway:

    She's actually moving into a house with my brother and his girlfriend soon, so I'll be seeing a bit of her. :D She knows I play guitar, and she came to my bands gig last year, but I sucked that night, so I need to show her what I'm really made of. :flex: :lol:
    Nothing has happened yet. : p Haven't seen her since Friday. I'll probably be seeing her tomorrow though. I'm just a wimp with these kind of things. :lol:
    I'm alright. Got a massive crush on this girl I know, but I dunno if she likes me or not. :lol:

    Awesome that your bro's home. How long has it been since you saw him?
    Ha ha. Odds are he won't even be able to finish 1 beer without feeling the effects. After a couple months without alcohol it'll be a bit before he builds up his tolerance again. Just take it slow and don't try to do everything that first day he's back. :cheers:
    Oh kewl. If you hit "View Conversation", it collects all the parts. Didn't catch that.
    Oh, forgot to add:

    We'll be hitting the MOB site at the end of May. The posted training schedule has us certifying in about 70 days, but we've also seen briefings that state 90 - 120 days. They also like to get ETT's in country within days of certifying.
    Still not sure if I should reply here, or on my side. Anyway, congrats on the home coming. If "Embedded Training Teams" mean anything to your brother, and he's up for email (no pressure), let me know. I'd like to pick his brain.
    Sweet. Can't wait to see it. :metal:

    The guitar I'm getting is an Ibanez RGR1570. The flat black one with the reversed headstock.
    Haha, not sure. I might make some soon. I've got a new guitar on layaway, so maybe I'll do some when I get that paid off. :wub:

    Can't wait :D

    You can has new Hydralisk

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