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Nov 26, 2006
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SS Contributor, Male, from Northern Virginia

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Jul 1, 2020 at 6:58 PM
    1. Michael
      It'll definetily be worth the wait in the end. :agreed:

      What are the spec's on yours?
    2. Michael
      Thanks. :wub: All I need to do now is shim the neck. I've been meaning to do it pretty much since I got it. :lol:

      Not much is happening. I'm waiting for my my Blaze neck to arrive for my RG7620 then I'm gonna get that all wired up with the Evo7 that's already here. Can't wait for it to be done. :metal:

      When are you getting your Sherman?
    3. Ryan
    4. Ryan
      First off, you'd have to audition for GRÄVHAMMAR like everyone else :squint: lol I MIGHT be able to get you in as the tamborine player's road tech...
    5. Ryan
      imma start a german metal band called GRÄVHAMMAR :lol:
    6. Ryan

    7. Ryan
      OM NOM NOM :yum:
    8. ajdehoogh
      Should be good. Nothing as far as I know.
    9. ajdehoogh
      I wish I could dude but I can't swing it now. And I couldn't sell the Stiletto quick enough. But I should be around next Sunday. :cheers:
    10. ajdehoogh
      Buy this, sell the Stiletto I! :D It would make a serious upgrade and you know it! :wub:

      Seriously Ed, I REALLY don't want to sell this and will be replacing it with another one when funds permit, I just have financial obligations that must be met and don't have the option of selling anything else. :( I think the record for the past few was MAYBE a month... figures that I finally found an amp that I love and I have to sell it to get money together. :squint: My Carvin and the Thorns aren't easily replaced, at least I can get another Brunetti and know it will sound the same. :agreed:
      You have a point sir! :rofl:
    11. ShawnFjellstad
      that really sucks dude. is matt HG going to have to choke a bitch?!
    12. ShawnFjellstad
      well good luck with that. do you think you did well?
    13. ShawnFjellstad
      yeah, its definitely a really cool guitar. i don't really like the headstock though, it would be way cooler if it matched the body. he also has 9s on there for b tuning, which makes it not so fun for me to play. :(

      i'm doing really well dude! life pretty much rules right now.

      you still studying for that test of yours?

    14. ajdehoogh
      Hell yeah man! :woot: Twas good times. We have to do it again. And this time when we record I'll actually get the levels set right. D'oh! Later man.
    15. ElRay
      Congrats on the Ghost Piezos! I'm down in DC this week, to bad I no real time to hook-up. Hopefully I'll be back from Afghanistan this time next year and I'll be back for the same back-to-back conferences
    16. The Dark Wolf
      The Dark Wolf
      Fuck Yo Couch!
    17. Groff
      :lol: Will you be my Kumar?
    18. ibznorange
      im learning your art quickly
    19. Michael
      First comment. :woot: :lol:
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  • About

    Northern Virginia
    Systems Engineer
    Primary Seven:
    Parker Fly 7 Custom Shop
    Main Rig:
    Real Name:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Parker MaxxFly 7 Custom Shop Lime Gold (Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Satin Black w/ Gloss Black SD logo Ceramic Pegasus Bridge and Sentient Neck)

    Schecter 007 Masterworks CS Koa (NAMM ‘08 build, Lundgren M7C’s), USA Sunset 24-7FR Multicolor Swirl

    Jackson USA Broderick 7 Hardtail (Transluscent White Quilt, NAMM build)

    EBMM Majesty 7 (‘19 Enchanted Forest)

    .strandberg* OS7 LE (Purple, Fluence Modern7)
    Other Guitars:
    PRS: Private Stock SC 594, CU24 AP, Holcomb x 2 (H-Burst, Bengal Tiger), CU24 WL, SE 245, USA Angelus Cutaway AP, SE Angelus Custom, Holcomb Ebony LTD SE

    Jackson: Juggernaut HT6 "Bulb Edition" x2 (Laguna + Silverburst Sparkle), USA Broderick HT6 Hardtail

    Suhr: Modern 80's Neon Drip MKII, Antique Classic HSS Firemist Gold LTD

    EBMM: Majesty 6 Charred Silver BFR

    Aristides: 060 Galactic Sparkle

    Charvel: Satchel Bengal Sig
    Custom Audio Electronics/Suhr PT100, Mesa JP-2C LTD #013, Mesa Dual Rectifier Multi-Watt Blackout, Kemper Rack, Universal Audio OX Desktop Box, Fryette PS-2 Power Station
    Effects & Pedals:
    Fortin Zuul, Fortin 33, Horizon Devices Precision Drive, Rockett Holdsworth OD/Boost, ProTone Bulb Sig OD, Seymour Duncan Vise Grip, Bodenhamer Bloody Murder, TC Hall of Fame Reverb and Flashback Delay
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Mesa Boogie Traditional Slant 4x12 cab
    Port City OS 1x12 cab (Scumback M75 100w speakers)
    Mojo 4x12 cab (4 - Hellatone 60's [broken-in V30's])
    Cameron 4x12 cab (“X” pattern Hellatone 60’s and Creamback 65’s)
    KRK PR8 G2 (pair)
    KRK K10s (powered sub)
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII Quad 2x6 Thunderbolt Interface, UA OX Box
    I like custom guitars, small luthier builds and high end gear! :) Big fan of all the flavors of high gain! :metal:


    Guitars: PRS, Parker, Suhr, EBMM, Jackson, Schecter, Ibanez, Aristides, .strandberg*, Abasi Concepts, Charvel, Dingwall
    Rigs: Suhr PT100, Mesa JP2C, Mesa Dual Recto Multiwatt, Kemper Profiler, Mojo 4x12 cab, Port City OS 1x12 cab, UA OX Box, Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

    Missing my NGD's? Posting my new stuff to my Instagram account these days, feel free to follow if you'd like! :D

    Welcome to HighGain510's Instagram Page!
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