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  • Hey man! I wanted to ask for some help, I know you don't know me but I'm in the process of buying one of your old ESPs, the Llexi Leon Horizon III 7 string! Was wondering if you remembered, was there an 20" skinny boi radius neck on that thing? Do you recall? Thanks a lot for your time, my friend!
    Hey hg. Do you have extensive experience with the alpha omega and juggernaut pickups?

    I've had two guitars with the alpha and omega and the pickups always give me a love hate thing.

    Thinking about bareknuckle juggernauts. Any thoughts? I love an aftermath set and a holy diver one in my other guitars.
    Ahh gotcha! Well I guess what do you not like about the Alpha/Omega set specifically? It's one of my favorite sets so I'm a little biased but I agree, some guitars it has sounded amazing in and others it was only so-so. I've tried the Juggs in a bunch of different guitars and they pretty much sound great in every combo I've tried so far. I'd say if you're looking for a change, that's a good bet! :D
    Just to be sure. For like a PRS, ordering from Bareknucks. Reverse neck position, 53mm spacing, short legs correct? :)
    Yep that sounds right to me, if you specify that it's going into a PRS with their 5-way special blade switch and it needs the neck magnet flipped, they will know what you're talking about. :)

    So... From a scale of 10 to 10... Just exactly how mad are you over losing that Jackson??? Lol!!!!
    haha, thought so! like i said, i'd never heard anyone complain about ormsby before so i was a little taken aback :)
    hey! just wondering, when you said youre anti flipper/hype machine, did you mean you were anti-ormsby hypemachine? if so, i'd be interested to hear why, not too many people have something against him/his stuff
    dat dustie. I really really really really really shouldn't, but irrational gas and wanting a trem'd six string. oy.

    Hey dude. I didn't completely kill it. Just did a temporary deactivation to take a social media break. It was a 1 month deactivation, so I think it automatically reactivates this week sometime.
    Yeah had some dishes to do after dinner, I got back on around 8:40 and you were already off. Haha sorry about that man! I'll be on tonight though so I should be down
    Thanks man for the kind words ;)
    You can return the favor and contact me with someone who looks for some guitars ;)
    Hi !

    That Dreamburst is mine.
    It's a custom color, for which I sent them a picture to replicate.

    There are a couple of pictures here Carvin.com BBS :: View topic - First quick real pictures of my Dreamscape C66
    But I'll post plenty more soon.

    The new standard pink is a more opaque pearl color that they offer only on non-figured tops. It's not really the same thing.

    Hey man, you probably get asked this all the time, but what the hell does your Avatar come from? I can't stop watching it!
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