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  • Sorry to get back late on your question. Yeah it's Mugi from the K-On! Special episodes. They're usually called "autism k-on's", but I have no idea where that connection comes from :lol:
    hey, Im currently watching Deadman Wonderland, Thanks you!, Im already sure that Im going to end traumatized :lol:
    *part 3,
    also, if the place is tilting towards western food, they will dilute the garlic sauce so you mildly taste the garlic (real shawarmas have garlic that burns/bites the tip of your tongue as they are that strong...), or they replace it with mayo. at that point, the shawarma is less a shawarma, and more a salad wrap...
    *PART 2, continuing from \/ bottom post

    some lebanese places replace letucce and other veggies with tabouli, and other places replace/add tahini sauce...

    one thing i dont like is if they add veggies that turn into fillers. i want more chicken/meat, less fillers!
    actually, if you give me 2 more weeks, i can tell you how they are in TURKEY! i'm going there, so i'll know first hand.

    but heres the breakdown. so far, saudi shawarmas are the most different ones. they include this:
    a pita, lots of chicken, hummus, garlic sauce, pickle, and fries.

    lebanese, jordanes, syrian, egyptian and iraqi have the following:
    pita, letucce (or its substitute), other random veggies, garlic sauce, maybe hummus (if you ask for it), and some chicken.
    L:lol:L I fail - I tried to rep you a second time on the Christmas thread and hit send by accident halfway through typing - the end was meant to say "seasons' greetings rep" :D
    I think your question proves my point. You've been hunting this particular witch so long that you can no longer distinguish fact from fiction. Hasta la vista.
    Yeah but its one of my biggest gripes here. Everyone preaches "be open minded", but as soon as someone speaks their mind, usually in a critical manor, its a just all out hate. Its hypocritical to say in the least.
    I also like how people get hard about "Freedom isn't Free". Thats bull, all humans have the power to act on will, its the consequences that follow that reflect on that action.
    Dude you got royally flamed for the soulja boy thread. I honestly enjoyed your thoughts.
    I dont support wars by any means, and there was a lot of truth in what you said.
    Yeah dude of course! She's the best pony, the only one with a voice that isn't crystal clear perfect.
    Yeah it can get a little difficult at first to get passed the whole candy colored pony thing. Who's your favorite pony so far, if any
    Yes, I really do watch My Little Pony. I saw your pony related posts in the meme thread. I take it you enjoy the show?
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