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  • Yep, he did! the DMT(dean) mountain of tone pickup is much like the megadrive, actually.
    You can NEVER go wrong with the super 3, fwiw :)

    It's why I near exclusively use the nailbomb from bkp. It behaves like a super 3 but with an alnico mag for more grind. :yum:
    Good call :)

    I went all out, new frets, OFR, Brass block, Dimarzio 500k pot, schaller tuners.

    I kick myself for selling it. The megadrive is great, really. Reminds me of the super 3 but a bit more raw.
    Cool, thanks Jazz. I'll figure it out.

    Hey, guess what I just bought this morning.

    MARSHALL MOSFET LEAD 100 AMP review - YouTube
    Oh damn, I didn't see your message...sorry Jazz.

    No, it's actually a 2204S. Only 500 made in 1986. Basically a pcb style 2204 in a short box with the old JMP aesthetics...she rips! But so do those old Lead Mosfet 100's you're thinking about.
    WB to the time sink of ss.org :lol: grats on the new 7 banger. I nabbed a Schecter Gryphon 7 last month but have yet to post a thread lol.
    Nice! Congratulations! I'm really digging the Schecter. It's amazing. Just threw a 11-52 set on there with a low 68. Mmph.
    Being banned seems kind of extreme :p

    Well, I got my Schecter SLS C-7 :D if you missed that. <3 play amazing through the 3120.
    Yeah the neck wasn't bad at all. I'd keep it my self.

    The one I played with the Gibralter bridge would look sweet with an SD Invader lodged in the bridge. For some reason, that pickup only looks good in certain guitars. That, or I'm just weird....
    I played one of the newer 7321's today(the one with the Gibralter bridge). Solid guitar, but the pickups weren't my cup of tea. Are you thinking of changing them by any chance?
    the new one is all about the bitches! TLoZ is def my favorite video game series. I'm glad someone else feels the same way lol
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