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Doom man of Doom., from Melbourne, Aus

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    1. Bloody_Inferno
    2. Bloody_Inferno
      I forgot about the Bugera alterative. Have you considered a 333XL (essentally a XXX)? Some of those models can go from under a grand. Or at least a used Peavey or Marshall or even a Randall for now.
    3. Bloody_Inferno
      That Ebay autobid is both common and crap. I lost out on a vintage DM2 once. Not happy. :mad:

      Considering the XXX has been discontinued, Davis Music in Footscray are selling it cheaper than when I bought it initially. Surprisingly a lot cheaper too. They've got some 6505s and JSXs for the record. Check them out if you're still interested in Peavey, I don't know who else deals with them in Melbourne.

      But if you've already got something in mind, I'll still be amazed. :hbang:
    4. Bloody_Inferno
    5. Bloody_Inferno

      Here I am trying to copy this:

      YouTube - Fantasia - Daita [LIVE]

      Even trying to incorporate exotic human voice:

      YouTube - John Woo "RED CLIFF" theme songs 1+2 [English Sub]

      Instead I end up with this...

      YouTube - Solo Kirk Hammett


      Good you came, by the way. Really appreciated it. :wub: As you can tell, I have some "interesting" freinds....

    6. Bloody_Inferno
      I'll be at work for a while but you can call me whenever. Say 5:30-6 or so.

      That message looks kinda dirty with my avatar and all...:ugh:
    7. Bloody_Inferno
      Sweet, looking forward to it. :yesway:

      Yeah, Dora Mah may not be for everybody, considering Metal acts are opening for them, but they're great guys. Kristian (guitarist) treats his Mac/Pro Tools book like a social accessory :lol:, and he'll talk to you about gear and recording all day.
    8. Bloody_Inferno
      Ok 4arm Weribee gig details confirmed.

      January 22: 8:00 PMatPow @ Mynt
      185 Watton St
      Weribee VIC 3030

      So far you're the closest there in this forum, may be too far for others, but if you know anyone, please come on down. :hbang:

      And I've got to introduce you to guitarist from the headlining band Dora Mah. He's a good mate of mine. He's a prolific songwriter and has actually written and played sessions with a bunch of local Aussie pop acts like Human Nature, Anthony Calea, Lee Harding etc :nuts:, but best of all, not only is he hyperactively enthusiastic, but he's also a massive gear whore. :lol:

      dora mah on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
    9. hutchman
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      I've been curious comparing blaze and blaze custom myself, we gotta get together a the other guys as well.

      One review of the blackouts that struck me is that you have to really have to work for the right settings. I've toyed with the idea of jamming them into my Xiphos, but then I don't play extreme metal too much and I've also wanted to have a backup Xiphos with Super Distortions as well. I dream too much. Too many decisions, not enough guitars. :lol:

      As for ATDI stuff, definitely passives are the way to go. Single Coils are ideal for Omar and Jim's tone, but unfortunately there's not enough 7 string single coils yet. Bareknuckles are there, but the price tag is steep for me. I'm waiting for both Trembucker P90s as 7S String P90s. :pray:
    11. Bloody_Inferno
      Stock Blaze on the neck. Blaze Custom on the bridge, which is a fierce pickup, a lot of mids which I like. Maybe I'm just going for a different tone.

      Yeah, that sustain block is the EZ's biggest problem. It's tiny to make way for the ZPS, which everybody takes off anyway. :lol: And I have no idea what the ZPS affects in terms of tone, so I wouldn't know. But if you take it off, the bridge will kill the sustain and the player will rely too heavily on gobs of gain and more boosts to get sustain that already should be on the guitar. And I love my sustain too.

      From what I've heard, you can't even replace an EZ without heavy routing either (maybe not at all?). Damn that sucks. How come Herman Li gets a different EZ than everybody else? :(

      I've gotta try one properly. There's always the new S7420 = except it's a Wizard II....
    12. Bloody_Inferno
      No Liquifire/Crunchlabs yet. I'm waiting on another 7 before going all the way. The Blazes are awesome no doubt, but maybe I'm akin for a 7 equivalent to Dimarzio Breeds. I'm too attached to the Breed tone, so I'm heading towards that direction.

      As for the Edge Zero, I'm keeping my mind open. I've tried it briefly on a limited Kurosawa J Custom but that was with the ZPS on. It was alright, though not enough time to fully evaluate it. Plus I know everybody who owns an EZ take of the ZPS anyway (which apparently feels just like an Edge Pro). But still, a locking stud mod to an Edge Pro becomes just as good as an Orginal/Lo Pro Edge anyway. At least all the 2010 sigs have broght the Edge/Lo Pro back now the FR licence patent is gone.

      And for some reason, when it comes 6s I notice that the Wizard II beefs up my tone over Wizard I (2 of my Ibbys have breeds and different necks). But as for 7s I'm a Wizard 1 guy all the way.
    13. Bloody_Inferno
      The price drop is what I'm anticipating. Looks like all the 1527s with Edge Pros are being discontinued in favour of the 1527Z. I'm not ready for an Edge Zero 7 yet, that's reserved for when I try the RGD or RGA! :D

      Plus I need to justify keeping my Blaze pickups. So I'm akin for a 1527M (I'm lacking a maple board), jam the Blazes there and put the Liquifire/Crunchlab on my GK.

      I understand as well... The SoCal is sucking my account dry. :lol:
    14. Bloody_Inferno
      Mine's GK (Galaxy Black), Japan model only. BK is just stock black, maybe earlier 03-05 model, no idea. I know there's IPTs as well.

      It's either that one or the white maple one to get myself under the poverty line. Or I can wait for Japan to get another MIJ 7 w/Lo Pro maybe....

    15. Bloody_Inferno
    16. Bloody_Inferno
      There's always Japan, the plan is possibly late next year and only about a week to 10 days. So if you're interested in that, you may have to save up now, you're guaranteed to suffer severe GAS.

      Jetstar can go as low as $300 return ticket offers.
    17. Bloody_Inferno
      :lol: I know how you feel... I'm slowly paying off for an up and coming red SoCal in addition to band funds....

      What's even funnier that not only am I planning for Philippines next May (guaranteed NGD :lol:) but my workmates and I are already planning on returning to Japan again (again a guaranteed NGD).

      EDIT: Interested in coming with us? :lol:

      The deeper the debt I go!
    18. Bloody_Inferno
      No problem dude. :cool: I did get to meet the hutchman (hutch) that day and he's a great awesome guy. Spoke about sorts of stuff, it'd be great to get all of us together.

      Defintely a get together after the new year would be great. Also it turns out that my friend organised a gig with us at some metal venue in Werribee around early next year. I'll post the details once I find out more. :hbang:
    19. Daemoniac
      I haz :fawk::lol: My portion of the money doesn't even cover all the rent :lol:
    20. Daemoniac
      :lol: I will if I can somehow get my hands on $1000-1500 (depending if I get it in or outside Australia)
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