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Doom man of Doom., from Melbourne, Aus

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Sep 23, 2019 at 6:22 AM
    1. Bloody_Inferno
      Yeah, the new set. I`m definitely sold on the Liquifire. Steve Blutcher apparently said that the new set is the closest to come to the 7 equivalent on Breeds. Plus the Crunchlab, while hot, ain`t as harsh as the D-Sonic so it works out pretty well. I did choose my current combo as a shot in the dark to recreate my Breeds after all. :)
    2. Bloody_Inferno
      Yeah, well the RGD is definitely a fine instrument, but it won't do for me if I''m not comfortable with it. I even prefer the Wizard 2 on the Xiphos 7 over the RGD neck. :scratch:

      Even if I enjoy the odd actives, I'm a passive man through and through.

      I'll most likely jam my current 1527 pickups on the white one. The Blaze N/Blaze Custom bridge surprisingly has similar traits to my Charvel (Evo N, Tone Zone B). With the whole big mid rangey bridge pickup and a nice tight and singing neck, I'd thought that'd be great to jam them on a guitar with a maple board.

      As for my black one, I'll probably go ahead with the Petrucci set. So far it looks like they're the best bet in getting the 7 String equivalent to my dual Breed RGs.
    3. Bloody_Inferno
      Dude, next time you and I have money, I`m dragging your ass to Japan. :squint:

      Also, just came back from Rock Inn, I`ve finally tried the RGD, and it looks like I`m gonna pass on one. I may be crazy but I found the neck too thick. Now I know it`s a Wizard 1 but I just couldn`t get used to it like my 1527. That and I didn`t like the fine tuners on the Edge Zero at all. :( It kinda sucks because it`s a fine instrument too.

      Plus with the budget I`m in (I found a Loop switch that I may get for my pedals for 200+AUD), I may just end up with a 1527M with an Edge Pro.
    4. Bloody_Inferno
      Also, are you free tomorrow? 4arm are playing in the Arthouse (down the road from the Public Bar) with Elysian. You can meet Hutch and his brother (also an RG w/blackouts user) there. They're on at 9 and we're on at 10.
    5. Bloody_Inferno
      Gotta do some promos, photos on Saturday during the day and a gig with the VMan at night. So Saturday ain't great. Sunday arvo looks pretty decent. After lunch at around 2.
    6. Bloody_Inferno
      And so the financial downward spiral officially begins.... :lol:
    7. Daemoniac
      man, ive got no clue. It's pissing me off so hardcore though, i've barely been able to do a fucking thing :wallbash:
    8. Bloody_Inferno
      Yeah, he was using that and his white PRS sig on Soundwave. Both were very hot instruments... much like the 2 dancing strippers Perry Farrell was in between during the second song. :lol:
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      Not a full Glassjaw fan per se, but Kristian from Dora Mah was acting like a 6 year old in a theme park when he wanted me to see them. Didn't expect much, but I was impressed, especially that there's more singing involved on the new songs.

      Paramore would have been amazing with all the sweaty Twilight fans - chicks. The band would have been amazing too. :lol:
    10. Bloody_Inferno
      Saw Baroness, Isis, Glassjaw, Anvil (:hbang:), Meshuggah, Jane's Addiction, Trivium/Jimmy Eat World and Faith No More. In that order. I also got to catch bits and pieces of AFI (for Jane's), Placebo (who are notorious for sucking live), and Reel Big Fish (who have been playing the same set for the past 10 years :lol:).

      Most of the good bands were at Stage 4 (the problem was that it was hellishly hot that I was full on sweating from every set). All bands were amazing (even Glassjaw and Trivium - because they have a new drummer that's actually good this time).

      Jane's Addiction played for an hour and Faith No More played for about an hour and a half. It was fantastic. Opened with Crowded House's Don't Dream it's Over. :lol: Gotta love Mike Patton and the boys.

      I also had a friend who's just starting guitar (she's Thai and she's cute too) who went to see Paramore at Festering Hole. Such a terrible venue with no airconditioning and (if you noticed) no bottle caps. She said she felt like she was in a sauna, but was inspired to want a Les Paul. Except I already helped her buy her first electric and amp (after spending a whole day trying stuff she settled for an LTD Viper and Vox amp). Typical. :lol: Still, now she wants to learn from me. :yesway:
    11. Bloody_Inferno
      Should I go ahead with the ESP endorsement, then yeah, the Ninja V would be the first choice. Particularly the Red quilt w/Floyd. But we'll see.

      It's weird, last time I was in Japan, I only saw on LTD (the Truckster), but with actual ESPs, Edwards and Grassroots everywhere I couldn't complain. :yum: Couldn't afford them either. :lol:

      Job offers do get a bit hard here. There's always job agencies to help you out and get your foot on the door. Plus having a steady income and saving up for a car is more important than getting out of this rock for now.

      No power conditioner. I've never used rack systems to justify one, though I do have a Line 6 Bass pod rack that I've left in my friend's house. We were in a short lived band and when we broke up, I've pretty much left it there.

      You want rhythm chops, just learn these:

      YouTube - Sepultura - Arise

      YouTube - Slayer - War Ensemble

      YouTube - Metallica - Creeping Death

      YouTube - Testament - Disciples of the Watch

      YouTube - Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (2006 Digital...

      YouTube - Pantera - Strength Beyond Strength

      YouTube - Metallica - Master Of Puppets With lyrics

      These songs served me well during my wee teen years. :wub:
    12. Bloody_Inferno
      My singer's been bugging me about signing up with ESP for a while now. They're my second favorite behind Ibbys. Sure I'd love to play some (particularly the Michael Ammott Ninja Vs) for 4arm. But I love my Ibbys too much, and atm the Xiphos fits the band (especially when I'm trying to get out of the stigma of playing in a Metallica tribute band of course :rofl: ). And with the ET option, I can always go to whenever needed and wanted.

      We'll see what happens in Japan. Ochanomizu is a horrible place for my credit card. :lol:
    13. Bloody_Inferno
      This is true. Considering I'll be broke even if I didn't buy a guitar during the holiday... either that or it's the Fernandes JDA You sig. I never wanted a signature guitar until I played one of these.

      I've always had ET at the back of my mind. It's either keeping my Ibbys and eventaully get ETs or go do what my singer does and get an ESP endorsement.

      Maybe I'm not ready for a custom yet. I'm waiting until at least one of my bands (ideally both that I play guitar in) get some regular gigging to justify more guitars. I would love one, maybe I'll get ET to build me a 6 based on a certain Vigier... :idea:

      And I've already got a certain SoCal pending.
    14. Bloody_Inferno
      Ok, looks like Japan has moved sooner than expected (between mid April and early May).

      I'm telling you this because last time I walked into Kurosawa Gakki, I bought my 1527. Now it's looking either this:

      Ibanez RG Prestige RG1527M??????!!?????????????????????????????

      Or this:

      Ibanez RG Prestige RGA427Z (DSH)????????????????????

      But unless I find a great J-Custom 7 (it was so hard the first time too :( ) it's either one of these.

      Either way, if you think you're broke... wait until I get back! :wallbash: :wallbash: :lol:
    15. Bloody_Inferno
      ITS ON NOW!!! :woot:
    16. Bloody_Inferno
      I must be loosing my mind then. :nuts: :lol:

      The new mix is better, and the more I listen to it, yeah no reverb. :lol: :wallbash:

      I like this mix better, the bass is a bit more prominent. The guitar is brighter, but it's great that you didn't sacrifice the tone. It sits better now in the overall mix as well. It's smaller but still stays at the driving force of the song. Plus I can already imagine the big rock arena vocals happening on a track like this.

      Good stuff.

      On an unrelated note. 4arm are on Full Metal Racket tonight at 11. Haugy is interviewing my singer. See if you have the time to listen. :hbang:

    17. Bloody_Inferno
      Odd, either the doubled guitar adds some reverb effect, or my pulsing headache from last night's listen got to me. :lol:

      Probably because I'm judging it with my opinion (where I like bass more prominent than most), that's where the subs to me made the bass a bit muddy.

      I don't have a problem with the guitar tone at all though. That's great already (even that ghost reverb :lol: adds a live sound).
    18. Bloody_Inferno
      Pretty good actually. :yesway:

      I'm listening to it with Studio Monitors:

      My first impression was: Was there bass on the track? I found it to be hardly audible, probably there's a lot of reverb going on with the guitars. The guitar sounds great and sinewy though it comes off pretty strong that it mushes the low end.

      Also, are the guitars doubled? As for drums, I don't have any problems with them. They sound great.

      I'll admit that a lot of my favorite guitar tones sound great the way they are is because the bass is promintent and clear (not to Tim Cummerford extremes, while is great but that's a different reason and sound altogether). For my rock tones, I like my guitar tones to be a tad smaller than expected, or perhaps even more. Adding mids and lowering the gain already makes the sound big, but at the same time it shouldn't be fighting for sonic frequency. Even if it's guitar based, IMHO, the guitar shouldn't be too prominent.

      I do believe that you're in the right direction. Hybrid Theory is a great reference point for mixing. The bass is well audible that you can single it out and hear what he's playing. And even if it's not my kind of music, the last 2 Kings of Leon albums have some fantastic mixing; they sound like a live band playing right in front of you. That and every single album mixed by Nick Raskulinecz are good examples for this kind of music.

      Also another thing I noticed during my recording experience begs the question. Was the guitar recorded first, or bass? I wouldn't have thought this made a difference but apparently it dictates the guitar tone a whole lot more.

      Keep it up. I'd love to hear more. :hbang:
    19. Wi77iam
      Yeah, I love this guitar, but I could do with something new :D
      I wish I could just ADD to my collection, rather than have to sell to buy.
    20. Wi77iam
      Hey dude, :lol: Gotto do what you gotto do, making way for a Bowes prototype. (hopefully) :pray:
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