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Doom man of Doom., from Melbourne, Aus

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Oct 26, 2021 at 12:20 AM
    1. Stealthdjentstic
      Yay thanks! I meant you werent very active for a long time
    2. Stealthdjentstic
    3. Bloody_Inferno
      That is true, and I was gonna go long term with the EMGs anyway. :lol: ...maybe ditch the 85 and go 60 instead, but definitely 81 on bridge.

      Maybe it's due to my nature of never sitting still. I'm still set on having a guitar with the JB/Jazz combo, and I recently tried the new Destroyers with the D-Activator X pair and I quite liked them a lot. But then Ibby released the ARZ800 that I really loved, being an LP shape with REAL EMGs in it. :lol:

      I curious about the EMG X series as well. I actually thought they were higher output than the originals, interesting. I've heard nothing but good things about them too.
    4. Bloody_Inferno
      You're not the first to feel that way about the Blackouts either, I was thinking about them, but then got second thoughts.

      I was also thinking about other alternatives like the Bill Lawrence and even Dimebucker... you know, the kind of pickups everybody hates. :lol:
    5. Bloody_Inferno
      That's good to hear you're still playing. It's like that as you grow and other things take priority over guitar yet keep the passion going.

      I'm putting the EMGs on my Xiphos. I guess that I am playing in a thrash metal band after all, and I have an 81/85 set laying dormant under my bed, so it makes sense. I still love my passives though, but at the rate 4ARM are going, I'm gonna have to pick up my game.
    6. Bloody_Inferno
      Yeah, it's embarrasing. I've been more focused on writing and arranging original material, classical guitar and all sorts of stuff to focus on cleaning up my playing. I shouldn't make excuses either.

      Even more of a shock, I'm going back to EMGs. :lol:

      BTW, what have you been doing with yourself lately? I noticed that your posts seem more focused on production lately. So the Sneap forums doing you well?
    7. Bloody_Inferno
      Didn't last long didn't it? :lol:

      Gotta save my money on a small amp. My playing has terribly deteriorated lately because I don't practice enough with distortion. :wallbash: THEN get a 5150 III.
    8. Anonymous
      Hey man, thanks for being a total dick, but uh I was wanting to remove my post from Devin's thing, but I'm pretty new and couldn't find a way to a felt pretty bad after posting that and all, but yeah. Thanks
    9. Bloody_Inferno
      At the moment, the Ice 9 is winning in favour of the TS (that More option is amazing :lol:), but I may take a few more practice tests with 4arm and the new band before I decide whether I part with it or not.

      Plus, Wi77iam is already showing interest, and I don't blame him. :lol:
    10. Bloody_Inferno
    11. Bloody_Inferno
    12. Bloody_Inferno
      Umm.... :lol:

      I'm not surprosd you would have known plenty of the punters. I ran into a few people I haven't seen in years myself.



      I pretty much spent 1/2 of the set behind the mixing desk with the guys from Dreadnaught and air guitaring with Andrew Haug. You should have seen us on Into The Pit. :rofl:
    13. Bloody_Inferno
      Aside from the fact that I broke a string on the very first chord on the very first song... :wallbash: It was amazing.


      When we get the pro-pics, I'll probably make a full thread about it.
    14. Bloody_Inferno
      No worries. I'll be thinking about you when I see the look of disgust on Skolnick's face when he hears the Kirk Hammett vibrato. :lol:

      We'll destroy the place for ya mate! :cheers:
    15. Bloody_Inferno
      I'll try to make it by 1 at least. I'm going to be in Boronia that morning to teach a student (so far but she insists on me to teach her :lol:) so I'll try to get there by then.

      And yeah, 6pm would be a good cutoff time.

      Also, you free next Friday? I want to see Elysian and House of Thumbs in Trash that night, but looks like I'm on my own atm.
    16. Stealthdjentstic
      Fuck you harry!!!

    17. Bloody_Inferno
      July 17th locked in. :yesway: Hopefully the wheels on my cab can last long enough.
    18. Bloody_Inferno
      Yes, I'm gonna be a drummer... :fawk:

      Assuming you know what I'm getting at... I....b....

      By the way, I'm free July 17. That cool to come over and bring the new acquisitions?
    19. Bloody_Inferno
      Nobody. :fawk: We just happened to play a very good gig at Narre Warren. :cool:

      Also Mick got a Tama endorsement too. And they saw our Carnal clip and they were commenting on me. Take a guess where this is going....
    20. Bloody_Inferno

      ...yes the news is official. I'll probably make a thread about it once there's actual promos of our name on it. :lol:
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