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  • yo dude I was wondering if you've got any pics of your Avatar :)
    I'm saving up for either a 2x12 or 4x12 contemporary cab
    and I wanna see how the oxblood grill looks, it's either that or wheat for me
    Ok sorry for the delay, took one with flash, which makes it look WAY worse than it does to the naked eye, and one without to try to give a more honest representation of what it looks like without. Bare in mind the pics were taken at 7:35 AM so there was no good outside light (and it's overcast today). Without further ado. You can see the scratch where my hand slipped during the sanding process between the PUs. It was still worth it, the blackouts sound FAR better than the EMG's ever thought about. Not nearly as much compression, a bit hotter signal. Sounds better clean, even.


    EDIT: If you were to try, i'd definitely get some craft paper and some painters tape and mask the face of your guitar first. Next, I'd get a small dowel around the size of a pencil or pen (or a pencil or pen if you have one that won't bend/break under pressure) and wrap the sand paper around that. I think I used 200 grit sand paper. Not knowing what I was doing, it took about a half hour of sanding because I didn't want to risk using a more coarse paper and getting more than was necessary. Really, you're just sanding off some of the finish on the sides of the pickup cavity.
    Nope, the only mess ups were where my hand slipped and I scratched the clear coat a little bit. I'll take a photo later and post it on your profile of the install. Other than the dummy slips and not protecting the top with masking tape/paper, it looks like it came with em in.
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