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  • I've been playing a lot of Free For All in MW3, which multiplayer have you been doing?
    Awesome dude, I'll add you up when I get outta work tonight. Hopefully we can get some sick multiplayer action goin on.
    I remember Gigantour in AC, too, but of course I missed it. I was wondering why they only did one run in AC. It's a pretty decent venue and has a great sound system. The last show I saw there was Collective Soul. They're one of my dad's favorite bands, so I went with him. Out of all the shows I've been to, I'm pretty shocked to say they were probably the best live band I've seen. Joel Kosche, lead guitarist, is a beast. It's not often you come across a guitarist who has a great sense of rhythm and has such a grip on lead playing, too.
    Yeah, we had it good for a while once the house of blues opened up, but then I remember Slayer and Unearth were going to play and a bunch of people freaked the fuck out, the show got cancelled, and we haven't had any good metal shows since :( I remember when Gigantour came through AC! It was SO much better than driving out to Philly for concerts.
    Yeah basically. I mean, if you know the right bands you can get a nice handful of people to come out, but unless you head north, or to philly, there's nothing. I'm kinda surprised AC sucks as bad as it does for local bands. Doesn't stop me from trying though, I enjoy it too much lol
    Ah, well it was a long shot anyway. I've only ever been in two bands, the previous mentioned one, and Feyde back in high school. Cool to see another local on the boards though!
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