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Sep 15, 2013
Jun 15, 2010
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Jul 23, 1990 (Age: 29)
Traverse City, MI
I'm a writer, which basically means I'm broke

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Guitarman700 Regular, 29, from Traverse City, MI

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Sep 15, 2013
    1. Sedativeman
      I read on your reply to someone else's post about trading their Loomis Schecter for your Akerdfelt PRS. If you are still willing to make that deal, I have a brand new (vitrually) Loomis sig I've got posted up for 800$. I plan to replace it with the Akerdfelt PRS. Are you willing to work out some sort of deal still?
    2. Treeunit212
      ESP/LTD M-200FM. I believe it's been discontinued and replaced with something shittier. xD
    3. Randy
      I'm not even on any drugs and I still catch myself watching it in a loop. :lol:
    4. Randy
      No problem, man. And thank you. Glad to have you "non-lurking" and actually posting here. :)
    5. Randy
      Either way, no harm done. Now you know. Sorry you had a shitty day. Hopefully things get better. :)
    6. Randy
      As I said in there, there's no problem with civil discourse. I've been accused of banning people for having different opinions than myself and that's just not true... it's just all about displeasure vs. hate. I've mentioned it before but it's worth repeating... this place had a HORRIBLE reputation for just launching threads that were all "fuck them, and fuck them" and a lot of regulars who were really even tempered people started leaving because they didn't like being associated with that.

      FWIW, the guys from Emmure post and/or read posts on here. Honestly, most mainstream metal bands that feature seven strings hang around here at least a little bit. We're not looking to kiss ass but having them here extend a lot of things past "having famous people here". Inside dope on new guitars coming out, getting a word in with companies about what the community are looking for, etc. If they know that we're dogpiling them here, they will not come around. That's another part of it.
    7. Randy

      Ditto, dude. It was on Adult Swim last night and immediately I said "OMG! That has to be my avatar!"
    8. Evil7
      Thanks for the comments about my band! Seriously! You are one of the first random messages ive gotten on here about my band! thanks dude!
    9. ridner
      Yea - there are a few of us Dean guys over here. What's new w/ you man?
    10. PyramidSmasher
      I see you got an H-307. You got an AMAZING deal dude. Thank God you jumped on it.
    11. Wookieslayer
      How do you like your Schecter Devil Spine 8 string dude? I'm REALLY thinking of ordering one tomorrow from musiciansfriend!

      Cheers :metal:
    12. M3CHK1LLA
      :wavey: welcome to the forum dude!
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    Jul 23, 1990 (Age: 29)
    Traverse City, MI
    I'm a writer, which basically means I'm broke
    Primary Seven:
    Schecter Hellraiser C7
    Main Rig:
    Peavey Vypyr 75
    Real Name:
    Primary ERG:
    Ibanez RG8
    Other Guitars:
    Homebuilt Strat
    Japanese Squire Telecaster
    Peavey Vypyr 75
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Various KVR Audio VST's

    Guitar, Reading, Traveling, Anime ETC


    "FFDP is metal for Nascar fans."-Rick
    "Someone said they like guns. I like Mel Gibson."-God
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