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The Optimist Prime., from US

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Aug 5, 2017
    1. Guitarman700
      Thanks for letting me know man, I really can't figure out why they cant see them.
    2. meddler66
      hey ive heard on one of the threats that you wanted to get rid of your V3 is that right?
    3. Randy
    4. Randy
      Yeah, that's one of the reasons I went looking for that. Codyyy's always had a good ear for dialing stuff in. I'm not too sure if he's still got it or if he still hangs out here at all, but it'd be worth asking him how he had it dialed in when you get yours.
    5. Randy
      Ah, found it.

      YouTube - Protest the Hero - "Bloodmeat" full guitar cover
    6. Randy
      It's a sweet head. I forget what his name was but there was a member on here that had one and he recorded a few videos with it. Sounded great.
    7. Randy
      You getting the full size or that new mini?
    8. GuitaristOfHell
    9. Randy
      I'm doing a lot better lately. Had a rough patch for a few weeks there, but things are finally turning around. Life is good. :D

    10. failshredder
      Sucks to be you, then. :lol: But I do feel your pain on the snow front, at least. My family used to live in Delaware County and had a 100-yard driveway that you had to go UP to get out of. Sucked.
    11. failshredder
      Hey, dude, where in New York are you? I'm alternately in Cooperstown and Albany.
    12. GuitaristOfHell
      Yeah it's a damn shame she sounds awesome. But her heel just kills the upper fret access.
    13. Randy
      I know how you feel. I had to thin out the herd a little last year because I had a few items that I could find no utility in.
    14. Randy

      Nice looking guitar, BTW.
    15. tacotiklah
      I just saw your interest in the peavey windsor. I used to own one and outside of it being a single channel amp, I loved it. Cleans didn't stay too clean at high volumes (but sounded REALLY sick at lower volumes). It takes pedals well. Here's some clips of me running into my old one:
      YouTube - Gw contest entry

      It's just me running clean into the amp and using a line 6 uber metal for the "solo". I apologize for the terrible soloing. xD

      And here's a clip of me getting all my gain from the amp itself:
      YouTube - Amon Amarth Pursuit of Vikings
    16. MaxOfMetal
      Well, there are tons of reasons why that could be, from settings, to string composition, to how the pickups respond, etc.

      One of the causes could be how different gauge strings transfer energy and how they "release" the note. Thicker strings tend to have a stronger fundamental tone, where thinner strings have more transient. For instance, when you hear a guitar tuned down to the E of a bass guitar but it still sounds "guitar like" that's because the transients are what's up front and center, not the fundamental.

      Though, I'd try a different brand of strings, as well as adjusting your gear.
    17. MaxOfMetal
      It's okay. I just really hate the WBC, and as such don't like discussing them. They work by bringing attention to things. If you ignore them, they lose all of their power.
    18. Randy
    19. Randy
      Fuck, I know the feeling. What'd you get?
    20. Randy
      No problem. Let me know how that works out.
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