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  • yo man, it is an ENORMOUS paint in the ass to do a set neck or neck through. As much hassle as swirls are, double it and that's what you're dealing with, i'm afraid!
    To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a Govan/Abasi listener. They're both phenomenal players with some incredibly individualistic styles, and technique that's way over my head. :lol: I can hear some stuff that they do, but it would be easier for me to help if you could list a couple songs that you're stylistically interested in. A sample of something you've written with your own comments would also be nice. We can take this to PM, if you'd like.
    Just noticed this today. Yup, living in Spring (Klein/Champions area) for the time being. And the Strictly 7 is back with Jim getting a new neck made. Texas humidity wreaked havoc on the neck, and I broke the truss-rod trying to fix it. But that's why warranties were invented. :lol:
    Hey man, I don't really see 'visitor messages' often. It would be best if you emailed me directly at [email protected] or at least send me a private message here. Anyways I'd recommend the ceramic Warpig in the bridge and the Holydiver in the neck position :)
    hey dude. i'm kinda going back and forth with the lundgren. i love its DI sound, whenever i play it live through my pod with the direct signal coming through the monitor. through my amp i found it to be a little harsh and not really spectacular. plus, it tends to feedback in a weird way when muting chords and what ever. so yeah, i'm not sure. i'd love to try out the new dimarzio d-activator 8 once it's available in the EU, to see which one i prefer.

    ahh man did you by chance ever take guitar lessons from that one shop in tumon? i forgot the name but there was only like one music store on that whole island lol
    Are you on Facebook? If you are, you should add me. I live out in Magnolia, but I'm in Spring all the time hanging out with friends, so maybe we could chill someday. Hit me up!
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