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  • Roo, how are you my good man?

    The Q's are amazing, everything I've ever wanted in a pickup. Plus, they look great!
    In this economy, I can't afford to keep it. I don't want to, and it's killing me inside......
    Hey man, thought you might want to know that I managed to fix the ENGL- quite a few tubes were in bad shape and the bias was through the roof, but it sounds great now that I've resolved those issues! :)
    About the wood taken away from the neck joint. I haven't had any issues with it what-so-ever. It's sturdy as it's ever been. And I really don't plan on dropping it to test it's sturdiness, haha.

    But yeah, it's fantastic. Never been happier with it. :) And I have some crappy pics of the Xiphos up in my profile. Not a lot of work done to it yet, just electronics mods. But I plan on doing some heavy duty work to it just like my 7321. I'll definately post pics on that when I get it done.
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