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  • I don't know why your gay thread was closed, it would have been fun! I would have filled that shit up lol. oh yeah, \m/suffocation\m/
    i see you must have your middle finger in the air now, seeing as your account has that bomb ass pussy haha
    Unfortunately, I don't think that an actual intelligent discussion about porn is going to happen on this forum. :lol:
    The definition of death metal has changed substancially: The whole "I like death metal like Bring Me The Horizon" scenario is ever common. I have no idea why your thread was closed, but I heartily agree with you, and probably have an even stronger/elitist view than you do :lol:

    Metal is losing its identity...or its identity is changing, either way, I don't like it.

    I have this album coming in the post for me, and from the two tracks I heard on youtube, it kicks ass. Have you checked it out?

    Trevor was shirtless, jumping around like a madman, his chesticles flailing everywhere. It was awesome.
    I paused the new Symphony X track to listen to that. It was worth it. They fuckin destroyed last time I saw them.
    Again, I'm gonna bug you and Josh about helping out with that goregrind project. I think it would be a lot of fun.
    My drivers license says "Christoph" instead of Christopher because they didn't have enough letters :lol:
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