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May 4, 2015
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Gothic Headhunter

Born on a Monday, from Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka

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May 4, 2015
    1. brutalslam
      Yeah, I listen to some of them.
    2. Jakke
      Awesome man:yesway:

      And now that I am on a proper computer, have some rep for Newton.
    3. flint757
      Well just in case we weren't on the same page I was referring to the fact that you said he'd sleep with animals, but not eat them thus spreading love not "hate". Wasn't telling you to be nice or anything like that. :lol: Just making a joke...
    4. brutalslam
      No problem :metal: Also, check out Visceral Bleeding, you may like them.
    5. Handbanana
      Good man, just kinda floating around. Its fucking hot out here. Staying busy, doing all of that super fun military stuff.
    6. Handbanana
      I'm actually still in the gulf, but my ship has interwebz. Bastards cant keep me off my forums. haha
    7. brutalslam
      I don't know, I listen to mostly brutal death which has gurgles of course, but you might like Origin, Benighted, The Cleansing, Obituary, Pestilence, Gorguts...
    8. technomancer
      6-1 was the score of game 6 genius
    9. Don Vito
      Don Vito

      You can use paypal, or just pay directly from a credit/bank card. I know I haven't been here long..... but I love this place so much!! Lols and guitar porn for miles....oh and it's informative and
    10. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I'm extremely indecisive.
    11. Don Vito
      Don Vito
      I've been waiting for somebody to point that out....
    12. Necris
      Don't Straw Man me. I'm just going to get to the point, while many people are assholes and would be with or without religion religious beliefs themselves especially when taught from an early age have a tendency to provide reinforcement for people who hold those views rather than condemnations of them. The people like that preacher are the ones who really take the words in their holy book as law while the more mainstream "kinder" "gentler" face of the religion provides the smokescreen that draws people into the fold.
    13. Gothic Headhunter
      Gothic Headhunter
      also, totaly unrelated, but we both have Futurama-related avatars :lol:
    14. Necris
      7. Look at the middle east and tell me that the suicide bombings aren't driven by religion. Tell me that the state supported murder of homosexuals by the Mutaween (literally religious police) isn't solely based on religion, I just read an article with pictures of a teenage boy who was dragged out of school and beaten to death with a hammer for being suspected of being gay. Are some of these people religious extremists? Sure, but they're religious people all the same. The KKK are a group founded on Christian Beliefs, as are The Aryan Nations. The Kingdom of Israel was an Ultra Orthodox Jewish group which attempted to bomb the Israeli ministry of education due to secularization. Even now Jewish extremists are targeting Christians and Muslims within Israel. I can go on and on, I have an ever mounting pile of dead and mutilated bodies, years of human rights violations and genocide backing my viewpoint.
    15. Necris
      6. The Old Testament, The New Testament and the Quar'an all contain teachings within them that are completely reprehensible. The fact that these teachings can be so easily misconstrued and twisted to fit a negative worldview is one of the most glaring failures of these texts and by extension the religions based around them.
    16. Necris
      1. I didn't accuse you of doing so. I was simply pointing out the fact that whoever left you that rep made a very good point.
      2. I said Abrahamic Religions. Abrahamic Religions include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
      3. Sure music has an effect on people, but in a completely different capacity from that of religious belief.
      4. A disproportionate amount of religious people will use their religious teachings as a justification for their views when they are brought into question.
      5. It's a discussion forum, my post was on topic, any reply you would make likely would have been on topic as well.
    17. Necris
      I can't help but point out the backpedaling you just did considering your first claim was that "Religion has no more effect on people's worldview than music". I never said that that's what they were created to do either, nor did I claim that every single person who converts to one becomes an asshole.
      I stated my opinion that they contain many anti-human and downright disturbing positions on a number of topics. They absolutely do and they most certainly shape a persons thoughts and beliefs to be in step with theirs, especially if they are taught from birth. The effects which come of that can be easily seen from the outside.
    18. Necris
      I disagree wholeheartedly with your opinion. Religion has a radical effect on a persons worldview. Moreover while a person can be a complete asshole without religion, religion more often than not aids in perpetuating their viewpoint and justifies it for them. While a non-religious person may question why they believe what they do on a personal level a religious person defers to the bible (or another holy book) for their reasoning.

      Also while I'm not the person who gave you the neg rep on the Ted Nugent thread it they bring up a good point. If you disagree with me at least have the decency to call me out in a thread where it can be discussed rather than using your hit and run tactics.
    19. Dead Undead
      Dead Undead
      Mondstille - 08 - Flucht - YouTube
    20. Necris
      In interviews Ted Nugent has repeatedly admitted without any shame to enjoying having sex with in his own words "underage girls". Courtney Love stated that at age 12 she performed oral sex on him. He was 28.
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    I play guitar, listen to alot of music, watch/read anything with a good story


    We don't have time for rational solutions!-George Carlin
    fvck tabs
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