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Apr 3, 2014
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December 10
B.C. Canada

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Gmork Regular, from B.C. Canada

Death metal is cool Apr 2, 2018

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Mar 29, 2020 at 12:52 AM
    1. MaxOfMetal
      It's all good. Taken care of.
      1. Gmork likes this.
    2. Gmork
      Death metal is cool
    3. Gmork
      Gas'n for the Openhaus!
    4. Bearitone
      I have a Maxon OD808x and an Airis Effects Savage being arriving in a week.
      I actually love the high-mid spike! It's what I mainly enjoy about the pedal. Definitely suggest some settings whenever and I'll give them a shot
    5. Bearitone
      Oh duh! I didn't even read the username. We've talked before about AMT preamps and the TMPro lol. Apologies.

      I haven't tried the Quilter toneblock but, in my experience, preamp pedals always sound better running directly into a power amp. (But thats just my experience).

      On a side note I ended up actually not liking my TMPro too much (at least not compared to the P2) so I think I'm going to sell it and grab a VHD.
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    December 10
    B.C. Canada
    Main Rig:
    Terminal Sequence
    Primary ERG:
    Ibanez ironlabel 8 WHT
    Amptweaker TightMetalPro (modded) into Quilter ToneBlock 201 pedalboard rig.

    Other pres and amps i currently own/love:
    -S&K VHD preamp pedal (gain channel of vh-140)
    -Ampeg VH-140 head <3.
    -Ampeg SS-150 head <3.
    -Peavey VTM120.
    -Crate XLP rack pre.
    -Traynor PM300 vintage poweramp.
    Effects & Pedals:
    All evidence SIS monorail cables.
    Signal goes...
    -WHT Ibanez IR8) got a C-pig bridge and aftermath neck i plan on throwing in soon.

    -line6 g30 wireless
    -polytune2 noir
    -TightMetalPro modded by james brown,
    Ie. resonance/presence knobs & mini switch that lets me use boost gain knob always without hitting the footswitch. Can still kick in boost footswitch for (Vol knob/ boost loop/boost mid etc) when its time to solo.
    -ISP Decimator
    -Quilter ToneBlock201
    -In quilter fxloop TC T2 reverb
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Yorkville stageG 2x12 with eminence Swamp thangs.

    Yorkville stageG 2x12 with eminence delta 12A.
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    A few mics. Steinberg UR22. Reaper.
    Misc/Other Gear:
    bunch of random gear
    Hi sso! 36yr old (as of dec10 2017) weirdo here .
    Started a death metal band called Terminal Sequence about 4/5 years ago. Only now getting ready to record our first EP (april 2018). Lots of pretty ok youtube live vids if youre interested in watching us slop it up lol

    Lover of all things cats/conspiracy/paranormal/ halloween/video games/horror.
    And proud ally of LGBT crew .

    Digital artist (for hire!) check out my facebook page Disembodied Creations.

    Also periodically book/promote local metal & punk shows here in victoria BC . under the guise of DISEMBODIED PROMOTIONS.


    Disembodied Studios
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