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Aug 28, 1996 (Age: 23)
Stavanger, Norway

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Utrydd dei Svake, 23, from Stavanger, Norway

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Oct 8, 2016
    1. asher
      I had to hose down my room to get my brains off everything after I heard it for the first time.

      sad the thread died though
    2. asher
      hahaha. so your legs are going to be complete beast mode in a few years :lol:

      from back here I'd say focus on some small, tight footwork to manipulate distance and get people to get a little too close or off-balance and then use your explosive ability to just lunge-blast punish them, going for arm/shoulder to not have to worry too much about tip control. or small steps/checks and fake blade pokes (very shallow) to draw a reaction to then finish into. that's for scoring now; when you've got some straight practice time, work on the point control and blade actions.

      are you taking any lessons, or just coming for a group class or open fencing?
    3. steinmetzify
      Thanks man...friends are cool.
    4. asher
      :fawk: My choppy straight attacks get a lot of whipover in sabre too. huehuehue.

      Keep it up dude, just takes a lot of practice and point control is definitely one of the things that takes a while to develop.
    5. asher
      So I went in to my club on Sunday and only one other person was there, one of the epeeists who's really fun to fence. Fenced her for like two hours, and...

      I've started dicking around with posting a french grip. TROLLLOLOLOLOLOL with my length :rofl: and the extra grip girth gives me more leverage for flicks, so I got a bunch of really satisfying over-the-bell wrist flicks. I wants one now.
    6. asher
      Yeahhhh I know that feeling. Especially if you're trying to pull the counter-attack and then get hit anyway!
    7. asher

      that can also give you good opportunities to go under his arm as you develop more point control though, and possibly stepping in to clear his tip if you work up to that :yesway: a little harder in epee to be slippery than in foil though, since if you don't do it right you'll just get picked off as you go to step in or crouch or something, lol.
    8. asher
      Hahaha. Yeah, the USFA has a ratings system for rough skill level bracketing... google tells me you guys have the BFA and just do a points list. which we do for national level stuff. it's silly XD I also got myself referee certified a couple months ago.

      I'm surprised pistol bothers your wrist more, actually. Sometimes mine flares up from lots of keyboard use and sabre cuts bother it, so I find spending more time with epee or foil will help. Though I'm kind of curious to find a french epee I like and post it, since i'm already 6', and see how obnoxious I can get :lol:
    9. asher
      oh god, I think 7 years now? My highschool brought in someone from a local club to do lunchtime clinics for a while so I learned some dry French grip (EW) foil. This was right before college. When I got there I looked for a fencing team and found one. It was a student run club team, but we fence quite a few different conferences and run up against a number of varsity teams too. I walked in and since I sort of knew the basics went "sabre looks fun and new!" and stuck with it. I do fence foil and epee some too, especially at the city club I go to.

      Does the UK have some sort of ratings system for its fencers? I forget that USFA stuff probably doesn't translate.
    10. asher
      omg, a fellow fencer!
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    Aug 28, 1996 (Age: 23)
    Stavanger, Norway
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    Pod HD500X
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    16" bodhrán
    Clarke C whistle
    BMus first year at ICMP, North London

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