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  • Hey man the bass in my avatar WAS mine and its now for sale at a great price at only reason i sold it was to afford the new 7's
    Dude that is awesome advice hahaha....I'm glad I asked you because that would have never crossed my mind to try that. I'm in the same boat, I just mess around sometimes but it only gets me so far. I'm just ready to get my mixes to the next level. And hell yeah, judging by the way you have everything sounding, I'll keep my eyes peeled for your EP man. Keep it up!
    Dude, the clips you've been posting lately are magnificent. You're an awesome guitarist and everything about your songs is brutal. I noticed a huge change in the quality of your mixes once you posted the "New Kick Mixtest". Seems like you've been hard at work. Do you just use Superior? I've been trying to get my kicks and snares to get super punchy like that but I still fall short.
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