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    ESP Custom Club!

    Definitely. With the TEW ash body. Very lively. That guitar and this ESP (and a few others) rule out any excuses I may have to suck.
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    ESP Custom Club!

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    ESP Custom Club!

    Really like the specs. It’s a little weighty which I actually like. Can’t say enough about the QC. I’m going to plead ignorance on that one. Is that an era of ESP.
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    ESP Custom Club!

    Just received this M-I USA Custom. Over the moon with it at the moment. Ticked all the boxes for how I would have spec’ed it—minus the gloss neck (though I enjoy it now). Pleasantly surprised at the thickness of the top. The attention to detail—particularly the fretwork—is impressive.
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    FS Mayones Duvell Elite 6 Baritone 27"

    The pictures are not showing up on my end. Do you have a link (assuming it’s still available)?
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    NGGD : the ultimate 7 string......why not ?

    I can appreciate that as a fretless player. I guess what I meant is that it begins to be harder to play in tune on a fretless as the notes get closer together (easier to sound out of pitch as the distance between notes narrows). I’m used to seeing hybrid designs where the lower “frets” are...
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    NGGD : the ultimate 7 string......why not ?

    Really cool. Curious about the intent of the fretless zone. Luckily it's lined but the intonation gets hairy to pull off the further up the fretboard. How hard is it to nail intonation there?
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    [Custombuild] Vandermeij Magistra 6 Blue

    Looks great! Any updates on this one? How does it play? Can't find many reviews.
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    FS Mayones Regius 7 Custom

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Not in a rush to let go of this one, but figured it was time to let go of some stuff. Needless to say, this guitar plays great. No issues whatsoever, and has been babied since I got it last year. Mayones Regius 7 Custom Buckeye Burl Top with...
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    FT Mayones Duvell Elite 6

    Looking to trade this for a Mayones Regius 6. It's a great guitar. Very surprised at how loud this is acoustically. Plays great. I'm slightly more comfortable with the Regius neck shape. In terms of trade equity, looking at about $3,800-$3,900. • Top Wood: Quilted Maple • Finish: Antique Black...
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    Show Me Your Bass!

    Fodera Imperial 6, Wal MK3 6, Zon Sonus TJ 6 fretless, Zon Sonus Custom 5.
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    [Custombuild] Vandermeij Magistra 6 Blue

    Looks great. Not one neck/headstock in that shot that isn’t a stunner.
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    NGD - Daemoness Cimmerian

    I'm in the same boat. I've got other guitars. The timeline and deposit haven't really prevented me from buying and selling gear. I've been on other builds that took much longer than the quoted time, had more substantial deposits, and had higher end prices. Not making excuses for the process, but...