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  • I know you wanted your Toter to be an 8-string guitar, but maybe the thing to do is to get a 7-string bridge. That seems like the most straight forward way to work-around the neck being too narrow.
    dude, love your avatar! hehe
    Your wait is almost done. Btw what was the finnish you were going for again? Don't remember :S
    Yeah. It's the understanding part that goes well. I just can't write properly :D .
    Yeah. I'm thinking that it will be "delayed" . But I don't mind. Well it would be cool if it would arrive for Christmas. A nice christmas present that would be :D
    Ju jag antar två månad men ja kan ha fel. De gör neck och body just nu. De klistrar och väntar på för klister.
    Ps. Mitt svenska är inte så bra :D
    Oh! :lol: Yeah i suck pretty bad. Although Swedish is Finlands second national language... Yeah i understand actually pretty well swedish, i just read your message wrong :ugh: They truly are a big bunch of djentlemen :agreed:
    Jag vet inte vad du säger, men jag bor i Grankulla, och här e 50% personer som tala svenska, and i suck in svenska :yesway: You're from same place as Meshuggah? Cool :hbang:
    Jag tyckte den såg lite oslipad ut på vissa ställen, men jag kanske bara är överdrivet petig med roter just nu.
    Jag har bara en roter hals, ska skicka tillbaka den och få en ny så fort jag får nån tid över.
    Roter ägare i Sverige FTW,

    Ganska liten klubb, men vafan, får ju bilda en i alla fall.
    looks great man, I though it was a V shaped guitar, liking the headstock, it's weird but sexy at the same time :D
    Hey bro, I was browsing thru the Pickups that sucks thread and saw u have a Schecter V-7 LH with FR, can u send me a picture of it?
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