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  • Your Nailbomb 8 is intriguing. Do you have any sound clips? I'm looking to put it in my RG2228. I'm also wondering about the pickup rings you got, you got those through Nick right?
    The neck 'bomb arrived, and I promptly wired them both up. First impressions are excellent, especially the definition and aggression of the bridge pickup. However, I must have screwed up the wiring somewhere, as I have an abnormal amount of hum. Must be a grounding issue. Oh well, back to the drawing board. :(
    She goes by the name "Ariel," and the aliases "Piper Fawn" and "Faith Lightspeed." Search any of those in google, and you can thank me later ;).
    That's the beauty of living in the UK. You get 'em immediately. :)

    Having said that, the pound is weak as Hell just now, so... :(
    So does everyone else. :D

    Yeah, I'm totally stoked for this! They should both be here by the end of the week. I'll have another go at installing them at the weekend. Picstory to follow. :)
    Neck 'bomb has been ordered! :hbang:

    The 'bombs are going in this...

    A word of warning for the MM... It's great for crushing rhythms (I've got one in my RG7) but for cleans... not so much. Tim at BK warned me against buying it if I was doing any clean work. He recommended the CS to me. :yesway:
    The 'bomb installation picstory commenced today, but I got so f*cking frustrated with the wiring that I gave up. Not to worry, as I am about to order a neck 'bomb, and I will wire the whole thing up next weekend.

    It shall be br00tal!!! :hbang: :metal:
    Is the Intrepid Pro 8 the neck-thru with mahogany wings, maple neck, ebony or maple board? If so, I'd recommend the ceramic Warpig or ceramic Nailbomb. It would be easier to discuss this directly than over visitor messages. You're welcome to email or call ( has the info) or of course PM :)
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