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  • Hey I was looking for the fretboard radius on your signature schechter but I couldnt find the information. Could you help me out? Im debating on buying your signature guitar or the sc-607b. Thanks
    Hey man Major props to you and the rest of the Suicide Silence guys for hooking up some needy kids on Christmas.
    Man I saw your sig 7 string that dude is selling on here and you have a badass sig guitar!! I didnt know they made you one, and I love it! Wish I had the funds to buy that dudes.
    Hey man, how is the new album coming along? I have been following Mark and Mitch's twitter feeds, can you spill any more info on how it is sounding? ;)
    Hey, man!
    thanks for taking the time to check my profile out and thanks a ton for the friend request.
    Always been a fan of your music, dude!
    keep up with the good work, sir!

    Can you tell me how the neck is on your new signature guitar?
    Is it beefy and chunky or on the thinner side like Ibanez and Jackson?
    Also, do you know if Schecter will release your model in left handed version?

    mighty sporty of ya to add me sir!
    been jammin you guys since yesterday, slowly but surely starting to hear the goodness man.
    Hey man, i love your band and love your tone. I've got a quick question i was hoping you could give me some insight on. I remember mark playing a Carvin V3 a while back. What did you think about its tone? I play death metal and currently have a 5150. I've been offered a trade for a V3 and i'm unsure what to do. I appreciate any insight. Thanks and keep making heavy music.
    thanx for the friendship! wish i could have caught your show at bogarts in cinci ohio. next time its on :)
    Welcome dude, and thanks for letting us debate along with the specs for your signature! Don't be too surprised if people sound a bit harsh in what you want, just remember it's gonna be your guitar so not everyone else has to like it!
    hey man, for your signature have you considered using a tele style bridge? I know rondo music uses those on their tele 7s... Don't get me wrong I love ToMs but i just dont think that'd look good with a Tele. Just a suggestion, those bridges stay in tune very well
    hey man, i think it's really cool that you're even taking into consideration what other people would dig on your signature guitar, high five for that dude
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