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    Partial refinishing a guitar?

    I say full refinish, do something unique if it's already goobered and it's gonna bother you.
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    Audiority Klirrton Grindstein

    Been playing with the demo version of this the past few days. It sounds so damn nasty and grindy I love it. It nails the death metal tones I go for and I have ndsp plugins for more refined tones. I've had a blast using this for low tuned brutality, very fun to dial in the eq. Anybody tried the...
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    Dimebag and Dean are done - lawsuit follows

    Itt: Angry manlets whose HS gf left them for some metalcore bro with a razorback.
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    Why are you mad right now?

    9mm kidney stone Waiting on the VA to call me with an appointment to do something about it. Wish me luck boys
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    Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson

    Pretty disgusting is a bit pearl clutching but I get it.
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    Neural DSP Archetype: Tim Henson

    Who wanted this?
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    What screams "cheap" to you?

    White dot inlays Nonmatching headstock finish Strat style trems on anything other than a strat Pickup rings
  8. The Cleaver

    The Cleaver

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    What's on your workbench?

    Splatty Boiz by Gain_Junkie93 posted Jul 22, 2021 at 7:47 AM
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    Splatty Boiz

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    soooooooooo many truths in this vid

    Boring people with all the technology in the world still make boring music. More people have an outlet to be heard, we just don't want to hear most of it. I didn't watch the vid I just think instagram bedroom virtuosos and blatant copycat bands are so safe and lame. Safe clean and sterile is so...