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    What wood is this? Skunk stripe

    It's likely walnut. Even if it isn't i have heard customs is not strict at all on guitars. I have had friends order solid rosewood necks in and haven't had any issues with customs holding them up. I doubt customs can even prove it is bubinga, let alone even waste that much time trying to find out.
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    Edge Zero trem on Jcustom

    Hey guys, i am looking at buying a J custom RG8570 tomorrow. I love everything about the guitar, but i have heard that the edge zero trem with ZPS3 is pretty awful and cheap and made in china. I've read that it doesn't stay in tune, screws and intonation are crappy quality, and the ZPS3 system...
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    Schecter Masterworks?

    I haven't owned one, but Nick Johnston is a friend of mine and i have played his original masterwork guitar (the green one with wenge neck). Awesome. Definitely on par with a Suhr or Anderson. The only problem i have with them is that to get what i want, i have to pay a decent amount of $.
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    Mishas Sig?

    honestly, the kid should just get this ( and learn to play right handed. you can own misha's actual guitar that he used on juggernaut, i'm not sure if there is anything closer than that
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    Mishas Sig?

    -_- This kid reminds me of a friend i have now. Has a job, and was going to spend $50K (everything in his bank account at the time) on a porsche 911 when he already had a modded bmw335i. We tried to talk him out of it (he was pretty stubborn on getting a 911). Luckily when he went to go pick it...
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    Mishas Sig?

    just a honest question to the op, i think i read earlier you plan on ordering a 7 string, have you own(ed) a 7 or played one?
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    Mishas Sig?

    if you are this hell bent on a juggernaut, i cannot understand how you can live with yourself playing left handed when misha plays right handed.
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    Mishas Sig?

    i'm sorry, but no kid should be paying $700 a month with no stable job, no certainty, or anything. Anyone who encourages this kid to sign up for a $700 liability a month should never give financial advice again.
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    Mishas Sig?

    in my line of work (finance), this kind of thinking will get you in some deep trouble lmao
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    Mishas Sig?

    now im not knocking the guy ordering the jugg, i would NEVER spend 8K+ to play someone elses guitar/signature guitar. I just ordered a better specced suhr where i picked all the woods, custom color, the works, and only paid $3400. And on top of it, i can guarantee it will be a better guitar...
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    Mayones Regius 7

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mayones Regius 7 Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): hiscox case and custom shop certificate Location (City,State or City,Country): Toronto, ON International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s) pm me References (eBay...

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