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  • Thanks so much for the supportive words - we need all that we can get at the moment :)

    I can safely say that I think our full length will surpass the EPs - it's going to contain 10-11 new songs plus a remake of Fisherman's Tale and In Limbo :) aiming for a late 2012 or early 2013 release!

    All the best,
    Congrats on joining a band. I hope you guys make music that you enjoy and that it remains very chill.
    People are very strange about extended range instruments. They seem to forget that most music was inspired by innovation. That makes it worth it, if for nothing else. People forget that I've only been playing ERBs for a year or so... I was a 4 string player for a VERY long time. I played a 7 string for bands and stuff.
    I do a lot of hammer on exercises, focusing mostly on my pinky. Now a days, my pinky is actually my strongest finger. If you practice in good form and treat it kind of like work out plan than it never fails.
    Glad you dig the video. I put videos on there to make sure that I don't forget the ideas or forget the names of the songs. I want to make legit videos of me playing some of them. I think it would be a trip for people to see what they ACTUALLY sound like as all of the videos on there are completely clean w/o any of my effects.
    For practice at home I don't really warm up. I DO do a REALLY crazy hand exercise that does NOT feel very good but I've been doing it for years so I don't have to think about it much.

    Also, I'm going to make that link and ALL of my videos Public. They're done completely clean and with no effects. It's part of a series of videos that I am putting out in combination with my EP of completely clean w/o effects versions of all of the songs.
    Bands are difficult things. I don't mind.

    I practice my 4 string because I want to make sure that I do things really well on my 4 string. People attempt to challenge my validity as a bass by accusing me of being incapable of doing so. I put forth HOURS into the stupid thing

    I do scale with both hands. Rather I can... If I were to do so ALL the time then it would lose it's uniqueness. I tend to chord and bass with my left hand and chord and melody with my right. I've begun really working to reverse that trend with my past three song ideas and I've developed some very fun tunes.

    I don't do any stretches anymore. I compose my set list in a way to put an aggressive song on the front of my set and normally a song with a really long stretch immediately after it. After those two songs my hands warm up and I am normally in good shape.
    Nah, it's just kind of the nature of the beast.

    Also, I don't mind that they did me wrong. It happens, from time to time. I'm just here to make music.

    I play mostly my 4 string because it's actually MORE work to do so. I believe that if you can run with less than you can soar with more ;)

    I play my 12 for shows and writing, mostly. These past couple of weeks I have been playing it a lot because I am writing a new piece. Like, I've been on it for close to 8 hours today BUT most of that has been scale working.

    Also, I have to stretch. I avoid warming up because I don't want to tire out my hands any more. My set can go up to about an hour and a half and if my hands start crapping out on me than my songs suffer.
    Also, it's surprisingly easy to play. I practice about 6 hours a day and have done so for almost my entire music life. I rarely play my 12 string but my hands definitely do get tired. Really just depends on the stretch, progression and speed of the song. Also, since every song is more difficult than the last song technically, my hands are always in pretty rough shape. As soon as I begin to acclimate, I start on a new song that is twice as hard and equally as exhausting.
    Dude, you have no idea. Let's see:
    I've counselled kids.
    I've sent them money to make rent.
    I've given lessons.
    I've helped with homework assignments.
    I've booked shows in peoples' attics.
    I've booked shows in peoples' barns...
    Much much more...

    Also, I don't ever really think about the why of it. I had quit playing music for about 2 years and I decided that, even without ever seeing one or playing one that if I was going to stay interested it would be with something with a lot of options. I was originally in a band so I was really excited about finally having an instrument that I could jam on at home and it with other people....
    Well, they dicked me over REALLY REALLY bad and I kind hit the ground running as a solo artist since. I've only had my bass for about a year now and even if I play music in someone else's project I will probably never go back to being in a band.
    Yep Yep! just started the the artist page about a month ago. I was using my personal page as my promotional page up until then.
    Thank you, homie! I appreciate the crap out of you for that.
    Hit me up on facebook anytime. I just started an artist page about a month ago but I do answer on both, regardless =)
    Scott Fernandez | Facebook
    Aw, man, thanks so much! Really glad you like our music :) stay tuned at for all sorts of updates ;)
    They ARE a european power/folk band LOL

    and no I'mnot, I got pissed at bands... always some dudes too lazy to move their fucking asses and who don't like my own style, so I do everything myself !
    my avatar is a picture of the female singer of Battlelore, another FUCKIN kickass band ;)
    sounds good. if you can afford it, i would absolutely suggest getting a Carvin. especially one with stainless steel frets. it makes playing 10x's more enjoyable.
    if you search youtube for "Agile Guitars" i should be towards the top with over 200,000 profile views :)
    i haven't used their active pickups, so i don't know. i would stick with one of the models that has the passive sized housing. that way you could always replace them. i don't really care for EMG/Duncan active pickups, even though i have a set in one of my 7 strings ! haha!!
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