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    Joan Rivers dead at 81

    RIP. Any haters are sadly misinformed. An amazing comedian and businesswoman! So many great unique comedians we have lost lately for such seemingly unnecessary reasons.
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    COD Advanced Warfare

    Ugh. Can't wait for CoD to make another historical FPS... this is feeling kinda old.
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    Photography Thread

    Snapped a few during a rainy sunset. This one turned out really cool - even SOOC (well, considering it was a low quality camera). SOOC 231_3096 by fnldrem, on Flickr After some lightroom. 231_3096-2 by fnldrem, on Flickr Then my sister said it was too dark, so I lightened it. Which looks...
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    Brands and Features That You Love That Nobody Else Does

    Oh, I also like the Bigsby on my Artcore AFS75T!
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    Photography Thread

    Thanks a lot!! Seems like a fairly logical reason - and it does look good most times. I guess my main thing is, and this mostly extends toward the instagram world, is it's odd people tweaking photos when the technology is so advanced now it can look perfect, and some people (subjectively) "mess...
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    Brands and Features That You Love That Nobody Else Does

    Digitech, Line 6, Rickenbacker. Cheap guitars. Basically my ideology = Player > Gear.
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    Photography Thread

    Always good pictures here. One question though. It seems that very many (maybe a majority?) seem to move their blackpoint up (LR's tone curve or PS's offset). Is there some explanation about this technique. It is a neat effect for some photos, but sometimes I just want to have the blackpoint...
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    Vik Guitars Discussion

    So with all that over with. How was this one? Nothing special gear wise. Just a RG520 and a modeller. I know the genre was way different than the "demographic". :D
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    Ben Affleck Batman First Look!

    Bruce Campbell for the next Batman FTW! :shred::shred::shred: :realmad::realmad::realmad:
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    NEW Gibson Les Paul All Wood !!!!

    Uh, yeah, isn't that the buzzword they try selling the guitars on QVC with? :scratch: :noplease:
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    Someone, really wasn't ever our "friend"!

    Lovely edit! :D
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    Cassette Tapes

    No car radio. Been rocking CDs for a while (always have).
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    Guitar rig 5

    Do you have a decent audio interface? If not, you will struggle with latency. Guitar rig 5 does however, sound very good and is fairly flexible. The main shortcoming, I believe, is that it does not naively load IRs.
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    The Official Nicki Minaj Appreciation Thread!!!

    The brilliance. :bowdown:
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    NGD: late 80s early 90s shredders!

    That sounds sooooo wrong, bro. :cool: :nono: