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  • Yeah hah. I'm a huge anime fan, and Planetes definitely stands out from the crowd. Now, after having watched Cuaron's masterpiece, I'm pretty sure I'll be watching it again very soon. Funnily enough, I still haven't watched Death Note in its entirety, even though I've wanted to for the longest time.
    So good to see someone that knows Planetes, too! Gravity does remind me a lot of a couple parts in Planetes, except I feel that in the latter they explore more the psychological side of it, and they get really brainy about it. Gravity is more about making you feel that overwhelming terror of being stranded in space, and the beauty and serenity of being suspended in zero gravity while orbiting the Earth. It's a really cacophonous kind of mix, but Cuaron makes it work beautifully. I totally would have expected the crew from Planetes to show up at any moment to pick up the space debris :lol:
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