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  • Just borrow someone's Allen wrench to adjust the truss rod and a flat head screw driver for the bridge, the dimarzio pups new at like $70 each, the lace pups are like $100 each. The tuners are going to be a bit pricey, i suggest cheaper locking tuning keys.

    As for the finish, just sand it off then stain it. Then polish the frets with a nail polisher.

    Any guitar can be great, most of the time people don't care or know how to bring a rusty axe to life. But thanks to the wonders of the internet and sso, you can learn!
    Adjust the truss rod, set up the bridge, possibly swap the tuning keys, and swap the pups, vendetta's are either made of pauwlonia, commonly used in economic Tele's, or basswood, which is common for dean and ibanez.

    Is suggest dimarzio tone zone or a liquifire in the bridge, they both definitely work with Pauwlonia, especially is you downtune and aren't shy on the gain. Lace xbars work just as well.

    I used to own a Vendetta, with a little tlc you can have a killer axe
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