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    New Lamb of God album, Omens, is on the way

    Ok you can't just sit there and shit on Ashes of the Wake like that, thems fighting words
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    Anyone into Lorna Shore?

    Will did a song with my buddies band False Images a while ago and getting to hear Will solo'd was amazing. He's had some questionable ability vocalists that he's done work with but Will always blew me away. He 100% understands what he's doing and it's most likely come through trial and error and...
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    James Hetfield admits he is struggling

    The sooner we stop stigmatizing mental health, the faster we get actual help. Life's too fucking hard to not let shit like this out or ignore it. I really fucking hope James gets whatever help he needs, if he needs it. I'm tired of seeing people dead, gone way too soon because they felt so trapped
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    Trevor Strnad dead at 41

    BDM was one of the first more extreme bands I genuinely loved when I was in high school. This fucking sucks
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    Give me your take on locking trems.

    Love them. They're the most comfortable bridges and if you really have issues, just hard tail it and you have a super rock solid double locked hard tail with fine tuners
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    Monuments Megathread

    George Lever did the mix. Same dude whose done Sleep Token's stuff
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    Monuments Megathread

    It's the best album they've put out and it's not close IMO but I also kind of thought Amenuensis got a little over hyped as time went on. Everything just sounds super refined, mix is really big while I can still hear everything, at least on headphones. Haven't listened in the car yet. Somnus...
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    What's the most bone crushing riff?

    Really been vibing Fit For an Autopsy lately and oh boy does the riff at 2:33 make me happy and fuck the intro rif for Sea of Tragic Beast is SO good
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    Neural: Archetype John Petrucci

    Yeah this is my new go to plugin IDGAF. It sounds fantastic across 6,7, and 8 string on basically the same preset and it's just growly and the bass is so usable and sounds so controlled unless I get really stupid. The IRs are also, IMO, matched so perfectly that I don't feel the need to run an...
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    Neural: Archetype John Petrucci

    Bro this thing fucks. If you dig in the chugs are AUUUAUAUAUAUUUUUHHHHH
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    Jared Dines + Howard Jones (Ex-KSE) Collab Album Project ~ Friday

    There's ways to say you dislike something without being hateful. I don't really care about the band but some of you just have hate in your heart lmao
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    Vai gives Dragonforce his DLR/Whitesnake era Jems for their new video "Strangers"

    Some of you guys took this way too seriously lmao
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    NGD:Kiesel Osiris

    Been a bit. Pics first Alder body 3 piece maple/purpleheart neck Bloodwood fret board Berylium pickup in the neck and a Warpig I've had this guitar since August off of Reverb and it's still one of my favorite guitars I've ever played. It's compact enough that I can chill pretty easily...
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    Any metal bands you don't get?

    Atilla. Your band revolves around being cunts and acting like cunts "But they're just playing the heel". Yeah, I don't care. Cunts