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Nov 12, 2019
Jul 16, 2007
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Nov 2, 1984 (Age: 36)
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Washington DC

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Chugga+Djent=Happy, 36, from Washington DC

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Nov 12, 2019
    1. GhostofInfamyGuitarist
      Sup Bro crazy to run across you here, saw you in a post about the pod x3 live. so any word on if your staying in the navy or not? ... hopefully your band takes off, rock that ep all the time in the gym. on a 1 year IA in Djibouti, so my x3 and my cheapo dean 6 string are my best friends out here. sure you can relate from your bahrain days. take it easy man - Drew
    2. Beach
    3. Hremos
      Hey man, are you still selling your S2120XAV? Really interested :D
    4. Stealthdjentstic
      I've been reminding you to re-record gee since like 08 mofucka :squint:

      DO IT
    5. sanus silentium
    6. btnation
    7. Stealthdjentstic
      Re record Gee assface :wub:
    8. Ram150023
      Chris... absolutely love the work!! Been playing with "The Silent March"... rythym and stuff... keep up the good work! Wish i was closer to your location! Keep it Metal!!:hbang:
    9. Balrogmoshpit
      Hey man I was wondering if you could give me some insight on how you do your mixing. Love the music very inspiring!
    10. Fzau
      Damn dude! I just listened to all the songs on your myspace again without even noticing it.. must have been in a trance or something!
      And that's awesome! :metal:
    11. matttttYCE
      I just wanted to let you know that Repeat is a perfect song name for that song because I could literally have it on repeat all day everyday and not get tired of it! I really can't wait for the CD and if there's anyway you can put Invisible Image on the cd (maybe as a hidden track or something, idk about copyrights and such) you really should! Cheers.
    12. Xanithon
      Hey man, i'll most probably be buying your CD because your stuff is so uber (with Periphery's new one :)) - For Less, Repeat and The Sky and the Fall i have constantly going man. AWESOME! i mean... FUCKING AWESOME stuff you do man.
      cheers - Xanithon
    13. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Hey Dude, thanks for adding me :wavey:
      I just replaced the nomination of repeat with repeat 2.0, that song is so friggin' amazing!!!
      Hope you're gonna win :yesway:
      Take care,
    14. Marv Attaxx
      Marv Attaxx
      Uhm, no. You rock, that's why I voted for you :lol:
      Take care 'n' rock on, dude :hbang:
    15. HighGain510
      Thrice = :wub: Great stuff with the cover too, I dig your take on Image of the Invisible, I love the original so it's cool hearing it put to something different! :yesway:
    16. Slampop
      your stuff ownz!
    17. Scar Symmetry
      Scar Symmetry
      dude just stopping by to say that I fucking love 'As Luck Would Have It', seriously man, that song speaks to me on different levels :yesway:
    18. HighGain510
      That new song with Greg is badass dude! :metal:
    19. Gilbucci
      Your music is fucking AWESOME, bro! Really diggin' the tone as well.
    20. Stealthdjentstic
      ps what are you tuned to?
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    Nov 2, 1984 (Age: 36)
    Home Page:
    Washington DC
    Primary Seven:
    Schecter C7 Hellraiser
    Main Rig:
    Line 6 Pod X3 Live
    Real Name:
    Friend For A Foe
    Myspace URL:
    Primary ERG:
    Schecter C-8 Hellraiser
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Ibanez Prestige RG1527 w/BKP Aftermaths, Schecter C8 Hellraiser, Schecter C7 Hellraiser (Seymour Duncan Blackouts), Schecter Damien 7, Ibanez RG7321
    Other Guitars:
    Gibson Les Paul Studio (EMG 85+81), Yamaha RGX520F2, Yamaha FG730S, Fender Standard Stratocaster, Warwick Corvette Standard 5-string Bass, Schecter Custom Stiletto 5-string Bass, Schecter C-8 Hellraiser
    Various Line 6 amp/preamp models on my POD X3 and UX1. I use mostly Deity Lead, Big Bottom, Modern HiGain, Chunk Chunk, Citrus A-30, Treadplate, V30s all mixed with ReCabinet guitar cab impulses ...That would be a couple of $Gs in real life... Recabinet and Line 6= teh sex
    Effects & Pedals:
    Axe-FX ULTRA, POD X3 Live, POD UX1
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    Beyerdynamics DT 880 and 770 Pros
    Studio & Recording Gear:
    Custom Dual Core Recording PC (AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+, 5 GB RAM, 650, 160, 120 GB HD Drives), PreSonus Firepod, Nuendo 3, Cubase Sx3, Reason 4, Absynth 2 and 3, Guitar Rig 2 and 3, Amplitube 2.0, Multiple EQ, compression, and dynamics VST plugins (WAVES, Voxengo, Anteres, Steinberg), Superior Drummer 2.0, Drumkit From Hell Superior, EZDrummer with DKFH add-on
    Misc/Other Gear:
    Dunlop Tortex .73mm guitar picks, Monster instrument cables, Mountain Dew, Cigarettes
    I like to pleh the geetar with seven make for happy fun. Joy!

    Guitar (dur)


    "I'm so metal I shit studs"
    My Music: Facebook, Soundclick, Soundcloud, Myspace
    Free EP:
    Want to learn Audio Production? Check out my BandHappy profile for more info:
    Recording Shtuffs: Intel Core i7-2600 3.4GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 1TB HDD, Steinberg Cubase 5, the ENTIRE Toontrack library (we're fully endorsed!), Axe-FX II, Darkglass B7K, Line 6 Pod Farm 2, and much much more!