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Jan 25, 2020
May 20, 2008
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Aug 15, 1979 (Age: 42)
El Paso tx
international Train load inspector

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Seven String Samurai, 42, from El Paso tx

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Jan 25, 2020
    1. Rick
    2. mikemueller2112
      Right on man, I've got several months before he starts my build. I totally caved after seeing all of your guys guitars, probably the most beautiful guitars I've ever seen. You have any recordings of yours?
    3. mikemueller2112
      How long have you had your ViK?
    4. Adam Of Angels
      Adam Of Angels
      No offense taken, friend. I never mind a bit of debate
    5. sami
      Hey what's up man, haven't logged on here in a long time. Been hanging out at mg instead but decided to come back because of some good friends here.

      Yeah, I'm the bassist for SF, but have only been in the band since Nov 09 so that was after they played at 710. 710's closed now and is now called Valhalla I think.
    6. ittoa666
      It's cool. Whoever left that rep read a little too deep into my post.
    7. Sang-Drax
    8. punisher911
      been here since March. Leaving in the end of January/early February.
    9. punisher911
      Was playing bass kinda. Could never get a singer.
    10. Alberto7
      Thanks a lot, bro! Things are running more or less smoohtly over here :)
      I'm glad to hear you're enjoying that killer piece of gear! I'll keep an eye on anything you post to see that beast in action!

      Thanks for the update, man. Cheers! :cheers:
    11. Alberto7
      As I said before, huge congrats on the new guitar! :) I really hope you enjoy it at its fullest!

      And like I also said before... CLIPS AND VIDEOS! :shred:
    12. Alberto7
      Thanks bro! I appreciate your words :) but yeah, South America is a fucking crazy place... I'm kinda glad I'm not there anymore haha I'm definitely grateful for having lived in so many different places, even though it can be a real bitch at times.

      And thanks about the Carvin man :) she really is my baby. Here's a review/demo vid I did a couple days ago, if you feel like watching it:
      YouTube - Carvin DC727 Review and Demo
      It's lengthy, I hope you don't get too bored :lol: and excuse my lower-than-average playing haha
    13. Alberto7
      Nope. I'm actually half Venezuelan and half Spanish :lol: kinda weird haha I had to come here with family when I was 15 because of my dad's job. Some nasty shit was (and still is) going on in Venezuela, so we had to get out of there.
    14. Alberto7
      Thanks dude! But no worries, I already found out why I can't see the pictures... Apparently the site where he uploaded the photos is blocked here in Bahrain... Another reason to want to get the hell out of here :lol:

      Thanks anyway dudester! I really appreciate it :)
    15. Alberto7
      I'm just asking about the vocals because judging from that I could probably get some different ideas for a name. Although I suck with band names anyway :lol: I've never picked a name for any of my past bands... I've just agreed with the ones proposed. And I once agreed to call my band "The 5 Naked Guys", and we actually stuck with that name up until now (we're still kind of together, but we went our separate ways for college... Every time we see each other we still jam together), so yeah... :lol: Not very good on that department, hahaha.
    16. Alberto7
      Yeah, about the recordings don't worry about it. I'm aware they are just rough recordings, but I was just giving what I thought could be some constructive criticism :P however, if you're aware of it (which I was pretty sure you were), that's even better!

      As for names... Wow, that's a biggie. I kinda like the one you have now :lol: hahaha although it's a bit too long. Are you guys going to include vocals in your music or are you gonna leave it instrumental?
    17. Alberto7
      I just listened to your tracks...
      And holy crap, it's just so good!
      You were right, track 7 just tore me to pieces haha the music is so good man. It's really melodic, yet punchy and aggressive; just the right mix :) The solo on track 7 is extremely tasteful man, I just LOVE your vibrato and your phrasing! Good skills you got going on there man :)
      Every track was amazing, but track 7 particularly got to me. Congrats on that one dude :)
      My ONLY complaint is in the recording, which isn't the best, but it's FAR from anything resembling a bad recording.
      Congrats on the songs man!
      You definitely have to let me know of a way to get my hands on that album whenever it comes out!
    18. Alberto7
      You've been PM'd now :)

      Yes, you should be proud of your endorsement! That guy really knows what he's doing and he's extremely good at it! I'd actually love to get one of his guitars at some point in the future :P
    19. Alberto7
      Sweet stuff dude! That's pretty awesome to hear. I'm really glad everything ended up well in the end.
      Btw, have you thought about doing an NGD thread for your Vik? It'd be freaking awesome to see some finished pictures! Or maybe a video too, or something.
      And sure man, I'm PM'ing you my e-mail so you can send those if you want! I'll be looking forward to hearing your stuff! :) And what kind of setup do you use, if I may ask? Just out of curiosity!
    20. Alberto7
      Ellooooo good sir :)
      How are things going?
      And how's that custom coming along? :)
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    Aug 15, 1979 (Age: 42)
    El Paso tx
    international Train load inspector
    Primary Seven:
    Vik Black Lotus custom.
    Main Rig:
    Mesa Nomad 100
    Real Name:
    hank of the destruction moose & Hereafter the Wave
    Myspace URL:
    Sevenstring Guitars:
    Custom Vik black Lotus with a Di marzio D Sonic in the bridgeand a seymour duncan 59 in the neck

    And an Ibanez Rg-7620 w/ di marzio evolutions in it.
    Other Guitars:
    Schecter omen 8 peice of shit!
    A Mesa-Boogie Nomad 100
    and a
    Laney GH100L
    Effects & Pedals:
    tc electronic Flashback delay
    Cabinets / Monitors:
    I use A Rhino 4x12 ,Burch cab loaded with eminence legend 1258s @ 8 ohms.I also use a 2x12 Marshall, 1936 lead with stock speakers
    Los Moosechachos

    Playing guitar


    "dude... i was hoping for zombies but if macho man starts flying around on his newfound angel wings we're all fucked..."