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  • Killer! I gave it a like, I will keep up with you dudes. That fretless is awesome!
    Cool. I've got a couple projects I need to knock out first, including a fretless bass for my friend's son!
    I dig it. It actually takes more time than money. :lol: I find it hard to NOT buy a nice piece of bocote when I see one! I would jump at the chance to try to build you something but as I just really do it as a side passion, it takes me a long time. Maybe in the future.
    My first build was also bocote and I've got another one in the works AND- hush,hush now- I've got two pieces for a top! I'm pretty psyched- not sure if it will fit a strat but maybe a tele....
    That's a sweet fretboard man! I love bocote boards! I gotta say though, 90$ is pricey! Did you build it yourself or?
    Hi Mate,

    I saw your post of the kemper thread. Do you go into the interface rather than the kemper when recording?
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