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  • I'm pretty close to London actually sir, like 45 minutes on a train. :) What brings you to the UK? And cheers man, I figured out Blood Vanish pretty quickly, and My Own Sickness I'm getting there with. They just have a very wierd mix and lots of effects so its kinda tricky to pick out what exactly is being played.
    Actually want to join M.A.N :lol: Their guitarist just left, so I'm learning material at the moment. Spoken to their vocalist, and distance is a bit of an issue, but if they can't find anyone nearer then I'm going to try out.
    Hey man, when you get that Strandberg, can you give me a review of it? Debating getting an 8 string hardtail baritone made down the line.
    Ok, I get it. It'd be really fun to own one of that R36 (or even some, like you), having 36 frets and all without having to buy Uli Jon Roth's sig. Hehe. Thanks for the info, kind sir.
    sir, may I ask some questions regarding the Kramer Turbulence R36?
    I've taken real interest in them since I see that they are under $1000... what do you think about the flexibility of the guitar (being it only has 1 pickup)? I can't seem to find a store to try one. Thank you in advance :D
    I noticed you crept ahead in the reputation stakes by dint of your gearwhoring! :lol:
    Oh to have a job for lessons, gear and crackwhores!
    Props brother! I was just browsin' through the old Chappers vids as per usual, and here you are. What a coincidence, are you friends with Chappers?
    YouTube - Monkey Lord TV Episode 1 - Featuring new vocalist Jim Alper This you by any chance?
    Sério? Pô, isso seria muito fiche ;)!

    Mas assim... eu saio daqui do Rio amanhã. Eu chego em Lisboa domingo (dia 14) às 14h05, na verdade.
    Fred, preciso de uma dica tua...

    Amanhã viajo pra Roma pela TAP, e vou passar meras 4 horas em Lisboa (de 14h05 às 18h00). Tens alguma dica do que posso fazer durante esse tempo? :lol: Estava a pensar em pegar um ônibus e comer em algum restaurante que não fosse muito longe ou algo do tipo. Não dá pra conhecer a cidade, mas pelo menos posso ter uma idéia do que se trata :)

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