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  • Thanks for the little walk through. If I wasn't 110% for my Strandberg before, I sure am now. :)

    Also, thanks a lot for the Saber tease asshole. I spent three hours on the net searching for one. :lol:
    So, they have returned, and they claim not to have met anyone matching your description. I'll take that as word on you being unharmed:yesway:
    Indeed it is...

    I am sorry to have brought this unto your country, but you have to believe me when I say that I didn't have any say in the matter.
    Hey, I have come to warn you... My little brother and sister has gone today for Lisbon. So a heads up, if you see anything out of the ordinary, anything at all, I want you to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction, since it might be them...
    Only three in the stable currently, and the blue needs a cleaning and string change, but I've been meaning to post family shots for a while. Soon :D
    ohh my god!! that quick picks tool shed video you just posted \m/ from 0:13 - 0:25 ii had goose bumps!!!!
    Hey Fred, just wondering, do you have any more footage of the Orange Dark Terror? How did you like it? (compared to the Tiny maybe?)
    Fred you have a batphone to Jaden dont you? :lol: I'm looking to get myself a custom underway soon. tasty Ebony top goodness :D
    Dude I just checked your myspace-site. It basically blew me away!!!
    You definitely deserve more recognition.
    Do you have CD's? I'd buy one... ;)


    Hi Fred! This is Dominik, we met on friday, my friend and me were playing I think three times your fantastic Jaden Rose Series 2 7 String, anf of course your 8 String.
    It was a lot of fun at the Musikmesse this year, hope to see you next year,

    greetings from Frankfurt,

    Nevertheless its nice to know that you did it anyway! I'll repay the love one day :lol:
    Hey man! Cheers for giving Tal (SwampAshSpecial) the good word on me, its much apreciated :)

    Ah swish, I wish I had the talent to do that. You get to work with all sorts of people, travel all about and stuff.

    Ha ha you cruel man :lol: I want to knowwwww.

    How much did your Strandberg cost if you don't mind me asking?
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