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  • :rolleyes: Now that's just not good enough is it! :lol:

    Also, this made me lol. Don't know what you did to annoy the Daily Mail but they're pissed!

    Hey, are you planning on coming to the UK with all your guitars at some point? I definitely think you should, we seem to have similar tastes and I'd love to drool all over your collection :lol:
    :lol: :lol: :lol: Bet it would play even SMOOTHER than that silly Tru-Oil finish on there now.... :rofl: I'm really curious to hear how it sounds, I got to borrow that carbon fiber singlecut for like 2 weeks that he made which IIRC was also hollowed out inside and MAN that thing was a tone monster.... but it was also $5,000... :eek:
    No booth at the show (he has more orders than he knows what to do with, no booth needed :rofl:) but every year on the Sunday following NAMM he opens up the shop for an all-day party/jam. I thought I had told you about it, no? You need to pay more attention when we chat... my face is up here! :rofl: :wub: Yeah Ron had this one on display as one of the in-stock guitars and of course you KNOW I'm not going to pass up something that hot.... ;)
    Since your going to be at NAMM, mind checking out these guys? Railhammer Pickups The idea is intriguing, but they don't have any clips so no one knows what they sound like, so maybe you could try some out? It'd also be a nice idea on ERGs, as well.
    Just dropped by to say how awesome your 'Atonement' album is, I bought it 2 or 3 days ago and its been on repeat since then, would suit vocals in parts.. but I think the melodies you create through leadwork really hold that part well, anyways.. Great album, dude!
    Hey fred,

    I just ordered a hardcopy of your cd. Just messaging you to see if you still intend on sending a digital copy to buyers?

    Cannot wait man. Thanks for your music.

    G. Singleton
    i have admired your guitar playing, and loved everything i have heard you say or play. i have watched every youtube vid of you several times. i cannot thank you enough for everything you have done,most importantly talking to me and just being there. i wish you a merry christmas and cant wait for more people to hear what you and your guitar have to say.

    Yo Fred! Is there any chance you might be able to email me the .mp3 file of "Retribution" please? I'm not sure if the file iTunes has in their catalog is jacked up or if it was just my download but when it gets to 2:43 the song just dead stops and skips to the next track. :(
    With a pocket knife, right? :rofl: I actually REALLY wanted to go though, I think Brunetti is coming this year and if that's the case it means I could have picked up another one from Marco. If you go and they're going (and haven't already played a Brunetti), definitely stop at their booth. Marco is an AWESOME dude and his amps are killer! :metal:
    :rofl:! Yeah when I come I don't bring my guitars anyways, had a problem before where they thought I was trying to steal my own guitar! :lol: Pretty hard to do when you have your name as an inlay on the guitar... :rofl:
    Not this year bro, budget is shot as my fiance moved in and "we" needed to buy new bedroom AND living room furniture.... :rofl: :rolleyes:
    Last I heard it was in paint (2 weeks back I believe) so those progress shots were the last I received. I know Ron is busy doing a crapload of custom inlay for guitars being shown at NAMM for various companies so I'm just keeping that in mind and letting him do what he needs to do until he's ready to give me a shout that it's done. :) Shouldn't be too long, before Christmas would be kickass but I'm not holding him to any timeframe as I know he's crazy busy. :lol:
    Dear Fred - Why must you shred so hard. It makes me sad that I will probably never attain that level of talent. :( :lol: Cheers! :wub:
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