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  • Sorry to bug you on here. I bought both your albums off your website 3-4 weeks ago and I received my PayPal notification saying it went through but still haven't received either CD yet. If you could give me any kind of update it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
    Hey fred,

    How would you compare the juggernaut to the liquifire? Also, is the output similar to the aftermath (I like the output of that because legato playing is almost effortless)?
    Hey Fred! I've seen that you have blackat guitars and I was wondering how you feel about them!? Any opinions would be much appreciated, thank you!
    Hey Fred, I know you've gotten to use the new BKP juggernauts (JUGGS) recently and i was wondering if you could help me out before ordering a set. Do you think they would work well for thrash/metalcore ala killswitch engage tone in mahogany? are there way too much mids going on? Not enough highs? Thanks so much!
    I was drooling over the Jaden Rose UV last night at 1 am thinking "Man, I would buy this thing in a second."

    I get to work this morning and see your classified thread and thought I was dreaming.

    Saw it was already sold, began to cry, just a little.
    lol youre a real fame boi here, look at all the people asking you stuffs :D tickle the cats for me
    Hey Fred, I know you've played a bunch of the Wampler stuff before, did you ever get a chance to play one of the Crush the Button pedals? If so, thoughts? Will they cover up to metal-style gain through a good clean amp or nah? Saw one for sale and was tempted but without the ability to play one I'm not sure about buying without hearing it first and could only find a couple demos on YouTube (mostly lead playing). :(
    Good point.. new plan... I get you banned for a month... by the time you come back I will have the $$$. ;)
    Here is my plan...

    1. I'm going to spam your thread with "oh I had one of those S7-540's and they're overrated pieces of shit" posts.

    2. It will still be available next month, because no one will want it

    3. I will buy it.

    4. Instantly I will be as good as you because it's all in the equipment, right? ;)
    I think you should change your mind about selling the Ibanez S7-540 for a month or so... and then change your mind and sell it to me! I just bought two 1077s otherwise I would be all over that!!!
    Snagged Atonement off of cdbaby and it's amazing! I love that you focus more on great melodies and less on showing that you can jam 500 notes into one bar. AWESOME!
    i was listening to your record and my girlfriend got in the car "is that scale the summit" me: "pfft no, thats fred the fucking shred brum" her: ohhh.....i need a copy"
    thought you would appreciate that.
    Gotcha! I will admit though before I knew you guys were mates, I saw a NAMM update video where you did a solo in his video and weren't labeled so I posted something like "Is Ola trying to pass himself off as Fred?" haha
    So I just saw your response to my comment about Ola's sound on his amp demos from the Kemper thread. I just want you to know it was simply personal opinion after seeing a ton of demo videos, not simply following the hurd with their general distaste for the guy. I don't know him well enough to talk about anything other than his videos :yesway:
    Hahaha, well who can blame them then. To be fair, one of the really appealing things about a Strandberg is how insanely compact and travel friendly it is. Not to mention that crazy low weight. Expecting any more guitars?
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