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  • Thanks for checking out my site, man!

    Typically I would base the price around the packaging, but I can give you a couple estimates. Both of the pieces you mentioned are photography based and the photos were provided to me. Do you know if you would be able to provide photos, or if I would need to purchase and/or setup a photo shoot with a photographer? Adding the cost of a shoot would definitely add a chunk, but I'm willing to do that if you are. The other option would be for me to purchase stock photos, which is completely fine and would just add to the overall cost of the work being done.

    For something like a CD sleeve that would just be front, back and CD, I would estimate $200-300 plus cost of photos if needed.

    If you're going the digipack or jewel case route, it can depend on how many pages are in your booklet. Usually about $300-500 plus cost of photos if needed.

    Definitely get back with me on any more details you can give, and I can narrow down a quote for you.

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